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You know that feeling. The uncertainty. The anxiety. The anticipation. Followed finally by the relief. It’s a process so many go through when making air charter payments. Yet it shouldn’t be like this. Paynode takes away all that pressure, allowing you to focus on getting ahead with the things that matter.

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Our customers all face different challenges when it comes to air charter payments. What they do have in common is that Paynode has made them feel more comfortable with their charter sales workflow.

Becky Bakeman - How Paynode helps keep things simple for this complex business.

Life is busy for Becky Bakeman. As President of RAI Jets, she oversees a business that specialises in many aspects of private jet charter and aviation. With so many strings to their bow, having a smooth payment process in place is essential. Here, Becky tells us how Paynode simplifies the way she sends and receives payments, the pain of managing payments in the past, and why she thinks more companies should get onboard.

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04 Jul 2022

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Ronny Dominguez – How Paynode is the perfect payment partner for this fast growing brokerage.

With his finance background, Ronny Dominguez – CEO and founder of Moonlight Jet – knows all about what makes a great payment solution. Here, he explains how there’s nothing else quite like Paynode on the market, how he thinks the product can benefits businesses of all sizes, and what life was like before becoming a Paynode user.

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All in one easy workflow

At Avinode Group, we’re known for taking the complexities of business aviation and making them simple. Paynode offers you the flexibility and comfort of paying anyone, exactly the way you want.

By card, wire or instant payment, you can close deals more securely than ever. Everything is taken care of in one easy workflow. Saving you time, money and stress in the process.

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Avinode Group members can send and receive payments to each other within seconds, and reconcile every payment easily within a secure and trusted network.

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As soon as a payment is received, a notification is sent to both parties. This means everyone is kept in the loop and you can relax, knowing exactly where the money is 24/7.

Keep your finance
in flight

Paynode provides you with online currency accounts in your name so that you can settle payments faster. This helps to keep your funds available and working for you around the world.

Already using Avinode?

As an Avinode member, you can take full advantage of an easier flow of payment information at all times, within a vetted and trusted network.

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Together, we are growing exponentially

Avinode Group’s growing and trusted network of air charter professionals are now using Paynode to do faster, easier, more secure business. With everything connected in one easy workflow.


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As an Avinode Group member, signing up to Paynode is free. And there are no subscription costs or monthly minimums.

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