Remove payment friction with a modern charter booking flow

14 Mar 2024

Securing payment for a last-minute charter trip can build up unnecessary stress for operators, brokers, and clients. By integrating our payment solution into the charter booking workflow, we’re providing a better, time-saving experience for your team and clients.

Dealing with a large proportion of last-minute, high-value, and international charter transactions adds to the complexity of air charter payments. Additionally, an average of 28,5% of charter flights globally were requested within 72 hours of departure in 2023.

Most charter sales and finance teams know the pain of a scattered workflow for managing payments. Dealing with different sources to track payments makes it difficult to get a good overview of a payment’s status. Finding solutions that protect customers’ funds and save time for their internal teams is a top priority for any charter business.

The benefits of integrated digital payments

With our upgraded charter booking workflow we’ve brought our essential solutions for air charter together in one fully integrated workflow. It provides a friction-free booking experience for clients and makes it easier for charter sales teams to keep track of quotes, contracts and payments on one platform.

Avinode Group's booking flow.

One system, complete visibility.

By bringing together your charter payments in one place, your charter sales and finance teams get a complete overview of all payments whether it’s by card, wire, or instant payment. You can feel confident that payments are settled faster and more securely.

  • Store a card on file within our platform.
  • Link payments to charter trips in Avinode.
  • Reduce double-entry of data.
  • Payments from anyone, anywhere in just a few clicks.

A customer experience that goes above and beyond

In our online and mobile-friendly booking, your client can select, book and pay for the trip in one seamless flow. Considering this easy interaction with the client, you get more time to focus on what really matters – building relationships.

  • Select, book, and pay in one place.
  • Branded for your business.
  • Give customers the choice of paying by card, wire or instant payment.
Avinode Group's booking flow with integrated payments.

Whether you’re an Operator or Broker, we’ll help you explore online quoting and its unique benefits for you. Get in touch with our team so that we can understand your needs and show you our essential solutions that build the enhanced booking flow.


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