Working at Avinode Group

We build, market, and constantly improve an expanding suite of applications that air charter professionals use every single day. As a whole, we “Noders” are a passionate, sort of goofy, and generally down-to-earth crew. Our open and collaborative work culture empowers every single person to come forward with new ideas and see them to fruition.

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Noders are what makes us. This is why.

We exist to serve business aviation, as a technology partner and as an innovator, pushing the industry forward and solving long-tangled problems. We care about what we create and are dedicated to thinking thoroughly and iterating quickly. And unusual situations calls for business as usual. So when things gets tough, thanks to all hard working Noders, we are able to do just that.

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We’re a technology company that believes people are essential. In our Noder manual, you’ll learn what it’s like working at Avinode Group.



Values we live and work by

We are proud to say that 80% of the industry uses our technology. But it didn’t get this way by chance. We can trace our success back to the principles we’re driven by:


Curiosity is our constant.

We are insatiable question-askers and future-prodders. “How could this be better?” is a question on constant rotation.


We are doers.

As much as we are thinkers. Seeing (the right) things actually get built is our greatest source of satisfaction.   


Communication flows freely.

Up, down, and sideways. This is how we make the right decisions and move forward swiftly.


Stepping up is second-nature.

Noders leave things better than they found them. Especially software.  


Relationships matter.

Everything of value we create ultimately stems from our relationships with each other and our customers.


Here, there, anywhere.

Noder Nation is borderless. We work in whatever way and location suits us best.

Open positions

Chief Product Officer
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden or
Remote within Sweden
Director of Sales
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden or
Remote, US/Sweden
IT Manager
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden or
Remote within Sweden
Product Manager
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden or
Remote, US/Sweden
Product Marketing Manager
Location: Remote within the contiguous US
Senior Platform Engineer
Location: Portland, Oregon, US or
Remote within the contiguous US

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