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As the industry’s main innovators and problem-solvers, we also provide a platform for our members and industry professionals to meet, share best practices and grow their business. Join us in the middle of the action – virtually or IRL.

24 Aug 2020

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Webinar: The top 5 pain points of scheduling

There are many obstacles in running a modern day flight operation. You have to balance the needs of crew, aircraft, restrictions, and costs to name a few. Whether you are a charter operator or a flight department, overcoming these challenges leads to a more efficient operation.

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23 Jan 2020

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NODE Talks Miami 2020 (NEW DATE)

We’re super excited to announce NODE Talks Miami 2020 – an evolution of the successful Avinode Academy and an event for decision makers in Business Aviation. Join us 8-9th of September at 1 Hotel, South Beach.

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The Avinode Group booth

Our goal is for you to think of the Avinode Group booth as your local watering hole on the trade show floor. A place to meet interesting people, test drive products, have a coffee, and recharge your batteries – both physically and technologically. 

Tech demonstrations

NODE Talks

Charging station & coffee bar

Join us in the middle of the action

The beauty of the Avinode Group booth is that we’ve made room for other business aviation businesses to co-exhibit alongside us. Together, we make a big impact at the heart of the show floor.

As our Event Partner you can expect:

Better visibility

Less hassle

More leads

NODE Talks

Come get inspired! We hold NODE Talks on our booth stage at every trade show, where Noders and Event Partners do a deep dive into a particular aspect of business aviation.


We encourage all of our Event Partners co-exhibiting with us to give their own talk. It’s a fantastic way of drawing attention to your company, bringing in new leads, and creating engaging social content.

Watch NODE Talks on YouTube

Join us as an Event Partner!

Note: only for Avinode Group members 😉

Interested in attracting more leads and getting a central location at trade shows? Get in touch with us about becoming an Event Partner. 


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