Online quoting: The art of making a good first impression

15 Mar 2024

A great booking experience isn't just a transaction; it's a connection. Explore how our mobile-friendly workflow with online quoting, ensures a swift and positive journey for your clients.

“First impressions last” is a well-known expression and you only have 7 seconds to make one. That’s how long researchers at New York University say it takes for us to decide what we think of a person or a company. Changing first impressions takes a lot of work, so we need to ensure it is positive.

In air charter, it’s important to get the customer interaction right from the start. Offering a smooth process to book a trip is one crucial way to boost the customer experience.

In our new charter booking workflow, you quickly provide clients with a mobile-friendly, digital interface for choosing their preferred aircraft and trip options – branded for your business. The confirmed quote is then easily converted to a contract, signed, and paid for, all in one place.

We’ve developed a series of new functionality that allow you to take control of the complete workflow and provide a seamless and secure experience for the client.

Avinode Group's booking flow.

Quoting with less work and more flow

With online quoting, you can drastically reduce manual work for your team. Saving time in this process means you can focus on delivering a top-notch service to your client and build closer relationships.

  • Visibility of the status of quotes, contracts, and payments.
  • Real-time notifications to everyone involved in the trip.
  • Easily convert quotes to digital contracts, signed in the same workflow.

Provide your client with a great booking experience.

A smooth and positive booking experience for the client means the process could take seconds rather than hours or days. Considering this easy interaction with the client, you get more time to deliver a premium service.

  • A mobile-friendly interface for selecting, booking, and paying.
  • Automatic notifications throughout the booking.
  • Secure payment options.
  • A seamless interaction that builds customer satisfaction.
Avinode Group's Booking Flow with Digital Quote

Whether you’re an Operator or Broker, we’ll help you explore online quoting and its unique benefits for you. Get in touch with our team so that we can understand your needs and show you our essential solutions that build the enhanced booking flow.


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