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  1. Avinode Group shares their vision of a new booking experience for air charter.

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    Building strong customer relationships is central for selling air charter, and in this time and age relationships matter more than ever to excel as a broker and operator. The business aviation industry has been left behind when it comes to offering smooth online booking and payment solutions to help professionals in air charter.

    Recent data shows that online sales globally is projected to grow by 56% in the next three years (eMarketer, 2023). Avinode data confirm this trend, as we have seen a 400% growth in proportion of end client searches powered by Avinode’s web apps since 2018.

    Tobias Gunnesson, CPO, says, “During 2023 and onwards we will be launching new functionality across our software solutions that will make it easier for buyers of air charter and their clients to select, book and pay for a trip online. We’ve involved our members in a customer-centric approach to product development, where we have a handful of development partners actively involved in the process. It provides our customers unique insights and ensures that it matches the problems they are facing every day.”

    Avinode Group’s vision is for charter buyers to easily choose their preferred quote, payment method, sign the contract and pay for the trip – all in one place. Charter sellers are provided with one smooth workflow that reduces the back-and-forth communications involving email, phone and paper to book and confirm a charter flight. A cornerstone of the online booking workflow is our integrated payment solution Paynode, which gives buyers and sellers more ease and choice when doing business together.

    “Our vision is that charter operators and brokers will be able to allocate more of their time and energy to offer their customers that five-star experience from start to finish, which is what they do best. The book & pay workflow should be the least of their worries, including getting paid on time,” says Oliver King, CEO, Avinode Group.


    Starting May 23rd, you can watch our video introducing online booking here!

    Download spokesperson photos and other assets in our press room.

    Connect with the team!
    Avinode Group is in Booth F62 with their team of charter sales and payment specialists. Get the full picture of our online booking solution by listening to our popular Node Talks that will be held live in our booth at EBACE 2023.

    Contact our comms team to book interviews or book a walk-through of the workflow on [email protected].

    To get in touch with Samuel Winderö – Marketing Director – at EBACE in Geneva on May 22-25, call +46 703 106 027

  2. A new must-read white paper on payments for everyone in air charter just released.

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    As a result of our efforts to simplify payments within the industry, we have gained valuable insights into the common business challenges that exist around payments today. The white paper covers a range of topics, including compliance, wire and card fraud, hidden fees, unclear costs, and ad hoc flights, providing a comprehensive overview of the business challenges facing business aviation.

    In addition, the white paper delves into some of the most interesting trends that are affecting charter payments, with digital payment solutions emerging as disruptors in the traditional payments sector.

    According to Brenton Melville, spokesperson for Avinode Group, “We also put together some ideas and thoughts for what to consider when planning charter booking and payment processes today. We hope to help brokers and operators to find good solutions to their payment challenges that are not only safe and secure but also lead to a more efficient and streamlined way of working.”

    Dealing with last-minute, high-value and international transactions adds to the complexity of air charter payments. Avinode data shows that 72% of charter inquiries to operators in Europe come from international companies, and as much as 31% of charter flights globally were requested within 72 hours of departure in 2022 and 2023.

    We believe the white paper is a must-read for anyone in the air charter industry and our goal is to provide valuable insights and actionable solutions to common payment challenges across the industry.

    Get the content outline and download here

  3. Avinode Group: Unboxing a new experience at EBACE 2023.

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    We are dedicating this year’s EBACE attendance to bringing our customers with us on a very exciting journey. We know how important it is to build good relationships between sellers and buyers of charter, but also with the end client. We will be presenting our vision to create a modern online booking workflow where selecting, booking and paying for a trip is done in a much smoother way. ” says Per Marthinsson, Chief Revenue Officer, Avinode Group.

    With our leading position in the market, the Avinode Group team holds a wealth of knowledge and data about business aviation that we are keen to share with our customers and industry peers. We’re proud to be invited as speakers at the State of the Industry sessions hosted by EBAA during the exhibition, on May 23rd and 24th. Harry Clarke (Head of Insights and Analytics) And Oliver King (CEO) will share their view on the opportunities and challenges in our industry.

    We are inviting all visitors to the popular Node Talk sessions, that will be held on all three days of the show in booth F62. This year’s sessions are focused on the challenges, trends and solutions involved in air charter payments, as well as the new booking experience currently being developed by the Avinode Group team.

    Samuel Winderö, Marketing Director, explains “The Avinode Group booth has always been a central hub for professionals attending EBACE wanting to connect and build relationships with industry colleagues. We are now taking this to the next level and providing a knowledge-packed experience, that we believe will inspire our customers to take the next leap into the future with us.”

    Program highlights

    State of the Industry with Data Insights
    Harry Clarke (Head of Insights and Analytics) will be presenting Avinode data and insights on Tuesday May 23rd at 16:00 in the Conference Theater Y29.

    State of the Industry: Panel Discussion
    Oliver King (CEO, Avinode Group) is joining the discussion on Wednesday May 24th at 15:00 on the Keynote and Innovation Stage A2 together with key industry decision-makers.

    NODE Talk presentations
    Reserve a seat to get a small gift packed with insights when you arrive.

    May 23rd

    • 12:30 – 13:00 | Online Booking
    • 14:30-15:00 | Payment

    May 24th

    • 11:30 – 12:00 | Online Booking
    • 13:30 – 14:00 | Payment
    • 15:30 – 16:00 | Online Booking

    May 25th

    • 11:00 – 11:30 | Payment
    • 13:00 – 13:30 | Online Booking

    You’re invited to our Network Mingle
    Join us in the Avinode Group booth F62 to connect with industry colleagues and friends at this year’s Network Mingle, and a toast with us to the future of business aviation!

    • Wednesday, May 24th, 16:00 CET.
    • Avinode Group booth F62.

    Connect with our team

    The Avinode Group team and spokespersons are available for interviews throughout May 22-25th. Contact our comms team on [email protected] to book a time to connect.

    Get more information and book your seat for the Node Talk sessions on:

    Avinode Group images and assets can be downloaded on this link:

  4. World’s first Frustration Booth to be hosted at NBAA 2022

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    With many moving parts and constant deadlines, stress and frustration levels in the business aviation industry can rise through the roof. Few know this better than Avinode Group, the company that’s known for ironing out the challenges that aviation professionals encounter daily. With the Frustration Booth, they want to use the collected frustration to create new and improved software solutions.

    We’ve spent the last 20 years building solutions that bring our clients’ data and processes together in one place. Our essential software makes sure that there’s less room for mistakes through the full workflow of getting aircraft in the air, from request to payment. We serve clients across many parts of the industry and we’re constantly learning about their different pain points so that we can help make their business flow easier“, says Saskia de Jong, Director of Customer Success at Avinode Group.

    Collecting the most frustrating moments at NBAA 2022

    The Frustration Booth will make its premiere at NBAA 2022 in Orlando on the 18th of October. The booth will have visitors react to situations they commonly encounter at work and everything from primal screams to silly faces are allowed. The participants are also encouraged to share their most frustrating moments – something Avinode Group knows there are many of in the industry.

    We want to tap into what new needs the industry meets. The world changes rapidly and in the post-pandemic world with new global challenges related to our environment and a stressed global economy we want to see how we can support the industry for the years to come“, says Samuel Winderö, Global Director of Marketing & Communication at Avinode Group

    Removing frustrating tasks since 2002

    The company’s ambition to make work life smoother by simplifying and removing frustrating tasks is not new. Back in 2002, Avinode Group became the first company to move business aviation online – driving the industry away from the beaten path of frantic phone calls and mile-long paper trails. Since then, they have become industry leaders in the field of business aviation software. This year they are celebrating 20 years of providing solutions for business aviation professionals.

    This is why we are collecting frustration – it helps us pinpoint where we should be going next. Not just when developing our own essential software, but how we can create sustainable impact across the industry together with our members”, Samuel continues.

    Stop by booth 4535 to try the Frustration Booth and learn more about Avinode Group’s essentials.

    About Avinode Group

    Avinode Group offers a fully connected suite of essential software to support Business Aviation professionals through the full supply chain of managing, sourcing, and marketing aircraft. 

    Founded in the heart of Scandinavia in 2002, Avinode Group now has more than 1000 members globally and a team spread across Europe, the US, and Australia to provide their members with the best support possible. 

    Avinode Group’s essentials are crafted to minimize stress and maximize profit.

    Avinode’s marketplace is the world’s leading sourcing platform for air charter. The marketplace makes it easy to find aircraft, book trips and market aircraft globally. 

    Schedaero makes flight operations smoother for charter  operators, flight departments and private aircraft owners. 

    Paynode adds the comfort of sending and receiving hassle-free payments, fully integrated in the rest of your workflow.

  5. Expanding the payment comfort zone: 200% growth of charter transactions in Paynode.

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    “We’re very excited to see how Paynode has grown and been adopted by our Avinode members. We have seen exceptional growth, particularly in the past 12 months, where we have more than doubled the number of companies registered on the platform. And so far, feedback has been great! They love having the ability to send and receive payments instantly at the click of a button all within a trusted network. It’s been a game-changer for our members” says Brenton Melville, Payment Solutions Manager.

    Trying to follow the progress of aviation payments on multiple platforms is an everyday stress for many finance departments worldwide. The Avinode team designed Paynode to take away all that pressure, creating a “comfort zone” with increased trust between members of the network. The only payment platform designed exclusively for the air charter industry is fast and secure, using one simple workflow to request, track and secure payments worldwide.

    Paynode offers its members a selection of payment methods for a charter payment, including the ability to make instant payments between members of the network. When opting for instant payment as payment method, the funds will be sent and received in a split second – no matter the day, time or currency. The platform is also offering International wires and credit card payments, built to reduce the risk of fraud and simplifying the payment workflow.

    As a broker that also manages a fleet of A/C, Fast Private Jet has been an Avinode customer since 2018. With offices in the U.S. and Italy, they joined the Paynode network a year ago and Mauro de Rosa, CEO and founder, has since then experienced first-hand how the Avinode-Paynode integration increases trust in the industry.

    “I believe Paynode will be the future of air charter payments. It’s simple, stress-free, and intuitive to use. Paynode is building something that money can’t buy… trust. What it has done is providing the trust in the exact same way that Avinode has. It lets us work worldwide with operators and brokers in an efficient, safe way” says Mauro de Rosa.

    The Paynode team is available for product demonstrations in booth B67 at EBACE in Geneva on May 23-25. Brenton Melville and Per Marthinsson (Avinode Group), and Mauro de Rosa (Fast Private Jet), will be available for interview requests.

    For more information about Paynode, go to

    For interview requests and media resources, please contact:

    Martina Flink

    Senior Growth Marketing Manager

    +46 769466904

    [email protected]

  6. Schedaero Growth Shows It’s One to Watch

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    “Growing and investing in Schedaero’s platform also puts us at the forefront of attracting major talent,” says Oliver King, Avinode Group CEO. “Every day finds us further breaking down barriers to digitization.”

    Schedaero’s next-generation, flight operations platform now gives U.S. operators a complete replacement to their existing flight scheduling and aircraft management. Its powerful, paperless platform communicates seamlessly with all departments with checks and balances for added safety and efficiency. The growth of its North American team gives customers direct access to humans, not just bots.

    “Whether at tradeshows or in individual conversations, I repeatedly hear that Schedaero’s ability to walk alongside customers while helping them modernize and future-proof their operations sets us apart from our competitors,” says Genesis Dela Cruz, Schedaero account manager. “We truly become part of their team, from helping gain buy-in from upper management to collaborating on tailored implementation strategies for going digital and paper free. Our dedicated support professionals serve as trusted change agents and partners.” 

    Schedaero has made a number of recent enhancements to its platform. These include a robust, new duty dashboard and digital crew schedule. Newly released online training videos make Schedaero’s already smooth onboarding process even better for schedulers, dispatchers, pilots and crew.

    Two key Schedaero personnel additions include the following:

    • Ben Lackey, head of acquisition – Lackey joins the Avinode Group with a track record of taking organizations to the next level. He uses a data-driven approach to leading Schedaero’s growth and business development team. Prior to joining the Schedaero team based in Phoenix, Arizona, he served as senior client engagement manager for Microchip Technology Inc., founding account executive at JetInsight, and account executive at CETECOM. He earned an associate degree from Cabrillo College and a bachelor of science degree in business marketing from Menlo College while playing on the school’s baseball and tennis teams.
    • Adrian Casillas, customer success manager – Casillas draws upon his experience as a private pilot and aviation project manager to professionally, empathetically serve Schedaero customers. He helps them adopt Schedaero’s digital platform to streamline their flight operations, increase collaboration, reduce pain points and eliminate inefficiencies. Previously, Casillas served as customer success manager at FL3XX and as a customer success associate for JetInsight. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of California-Santa Barbara and a human resources management certification from eCornell. 

    “I have a theory that the people who know most about the challenges of running a Part 135 charter operation or a corporate flight department are the people who work and manage in those organizations on a daily basis,” says Lackey. “These challenges are different today than they were one, five or even 10 years ago. We work with our customers as a partner to continually, incrementally increase the value that they’re able to derive from our platform.” 

    Schedaero has made numerous advances since entering the marketplace 12 years ago as part of the Avinode Group. A key one launched in 2018: its open APIs (application program interfaces that enable software to talk to each other). Other closed systems do not give operators the same freedom to leverage their own data. In 2020 the Avinode Group joined the World Fuel Services family. This gives Schedaero customers access to up-to-date fuel pricing, quick fuel request responses and easy invoicing. “Using data allows us to set a baseline from which we work to continuously improve,” says Lackey. Schedaero is based in Gothenburg, Sweden, with offices in Portland, OR, and remote team members located across the United States in multiple time zones.



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