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  1. Expanding the payment comfort zone: 200% growth of charter transactions in Paynode.

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    “We’re very excited to see how Paynode has grown and been adopted by our Avinode members. We have seen exceptional growth, particularly in the past 12 months, where we have more than doubled the number of companies registered on the platform. And so far, feedback has been great! They love having the ability to send and receive payments instantly at the click of a button all within a trusted network. It’s been a game-changer for our members” says Brenton Melville, Payment Solutions Manager.

    Trying to follow the progress of aviation payments on multiple platforms is an everyday stress for many finance departments worldwide. The Avinode team designed Paynode to take away all that pressure, creating a “comfort zone” with increased trust between members of the network. The only payment platform designed exclusively for the air charter industry is fast and secure, using one simple workflow to request, track and secure payments worldwide.

    Paynode offers its members a selection of payment methods for a charter payment, including the ability to make instant payments between members of the network. When opting for instant payment as payment method, the funds will be sent and received in a split second – no matter the day, time or currency. The platform is also offering International wires and credit card payments, built to reduce the risk of fraud and simplifying the payment workflow.

    As a broker that also manages a fleet of A/C, Fast Private Jet has been an Avinode customer since 2018. With offices in the U.S. and Italy, they joined the Paynode network a year ago and Mauro de Rosa, CEO and founder, has since then experienced first-hand how the Avinode-Paynode integration increases trust in the industry.

    “I believe Paynode will be the future of air charter payments. It’s simple, stress-free, and intuitive to use. Paynode is building something that money can’t buy… trust. What it has done is providing the trust in the exact same way that Avinode has. It lets us work worldwide with operators and brokers in an efficient, safe way” says Mauro de Rosa.

    The Paynode team is available for product demonstrations in booth B67 at EBACE in Geneva on May 23-25. Brenton Melville and Per Marthinsson (Avinode Group), and Mauro de Rosa (Fast Private Jet), will be available for interview requests.

    For more information about Paynode, go to

    For interview requests and media resources, please contact:

    Martina Flink

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  2. Schedaero Growth Shows It’s One to Watch

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    “Growing and investing in Schedaero’s platform also puts us at the forefront of attracting major talent,” says Oliver King, Avinode Group CEO. “Every day finds us further breaking down barriers to digitization.”

    Schedaero’s next-generation, flight operations platform now gives U.S. operators a complete replacement to their existing flight scheduling and aircraft management. Its powerful, paperless platform communicates seamlessly with all departments with checks and balances for added safety and efficiency. The growth of its North American team gives customers direct access to humans, not just bots.

    “Whether at tradeshows or in individual conversations, I repeatedly hear that Schedaero’s ability to walk alongside customers while helping them modernize and future-proof their operations sets us apart from our competitors,” says Genesis Dela Cruz, Schedaero account manager. “We truly become part of their team, from helping gain buy-in from upper management to collaborating on tailored implementation strategies for going digital and paper free. Our dedicated support professionals serve as trusted change agents and partners.” 

    Schedaero has made a number of recent enhancements to its platform. These include a robust, new duty dashboard and digital crew schedule. Newly released online training videos make Schedaero’s already smooth onboarding process even better for schedulers, dispatchers, pilots and crew.

    Two key Schedaero personnel additions include the following:

    • Ben Lackey, head of acquisition – Lackey joins the Avinode Group with a track record of taking organizations to the next level. He uses a data-driven approach to leading Schedaero’s growth and business development team. Prior to joining the Schedaero team based in Phoenix, Arizona, he served as senior client engagement manager for Microchip Technology Inc., founding account executive at JetInsight, and account executive at CETECOM. He earned an associate degree from Cabrillo College and a bachelor of science degree in business marketing from Menlo College while playing on the school’s baseball and tennis teams.
    • Adrian Casillas, customer success manager – Casillas draws upon his experience as a private pilot and aviation project manager to professionally, empathetically serve Schedaero customers. He helps them adopt Schedaero’s digital platform to streamline their flight operations, increase collaboration, reduce pain points and eliminate inefficiencies. Previously, Casillas served as customer success manager at FL3XX and as a customer success associate for JetInsight. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of California-Santa Barbara and a human resources management certification from eCornell. 

    “I have a theory that the people who know most about the challenges of running a Part 135 charter operation or a corporate flight department are the people who work and manage in those organizations on a daily basis,” says Lackey. “These challenges are different today than they were one, five or even 10 years ago. We work with our customers as a partner to continually, incrementally increase the value that they’re able to derive from our platform.” 

    Schedaero has made numerous advances since entering the marketplace 12 years ago as part of the Avinode Group. A key one launched in 2018: its open APIs (application program interfaces that enable software to talk to each other). Other closed systems do not give operators the same freedom to leverage their own data. In 2020 the Avinode Group joined the World Fuel Services family. This gives Schedaero customers access to up-to-date fuel pricing, quick fuel request responses and easy invoicing. “Using data allows us to set a baseline from which we work to continuously improve,” says Lackey. Schedaero is based in Gothenburg, Sweden, with offices in Portland, OR, and remote team members located across the United States in multiple time zones.



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  3. Break Free from Paper: Get Into the Flow with Schedaero

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    “Change can be hard, but the very tangible advantages achieved through modernization make it worthwhile,” says Kevin Klein, Schedaero director of customer success. “We’re there with our customers every step of the way, including helping them gain buy-in across their organization and a commitment to implementation. Customers think of us as part of their team. We do, too.”

    Embracing the Future at SDC2022

    A large Schedaero team will be on hand at NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers (SDC2022), Booth #1829 to help generate that buy-in through education – and fun. Its recently launched Get Into the Flow with Schedaero campaign will be featured prominently on Schedaero’s social media to playfully emphasize the very serious benefits of going digital and paper free.

    A Get Into the Flow with Schedaero playlist on Spotify promises to boost concentration for better productivity. It’s based on scientific research conducted by cognitive behavioral therapist Dr. Emma Gray. It shows that music with 50-80 beats per minute can stimulate learning, heighten focus and put the brain into an alpha state where you’re relaxed, yet attentive.

    “The headaches and frustrations of constant changes, complex crew logistics and having so many players involved do make operators feel like screaming and pulling their hair out at times,” says Klein. “Thankfully, we’ve found a better way.”

    Enhancements to the Schedaero toolkit promise to help schedulers, dispatchers, pilots and crew find flow. These include a robust, new duty dashboard and digital crew schedule. Schedaero’s smooth onboarding process with dedicated support professionals has been taken to the next level with newly released training videos, available 24/7, perfect for highly mobile pilots and flight crews.

    “Customers who’ve embraced these new, easy-to-use tools are so glad they did,” says Klein. “They don’t miss all the manual handling, back-and-forth emails, paper trail and quickly outdated Excel spreadsheets. They’re better in every way.”

    Modernization, collaboration and future-proofing operations are key themes at SDC2022. So is making schedulers and dispatchers’ jobs easier. The Elevate Your Efficiency panel from 3:45-5 p.m., Tuesday, April 5 includes Genesis Dela Cruz, Schedaero Account Manager. Dela Cruz will speak about everything from reducing deadheading and streamlining processes to fuel purchasing and scheduling efficiently.

    “Schedaero’s new flight-op features should really encourage and drive adoption,” says Dela Cruz. “Greater digital implementation needs to happen throughout the aviation industry, but no one will benefit more than schedulers and dispatchers. Small, medium and large operators can all profit. The time has come.”

    Growing to Accommodate the Coming Shift to Digital

    Schedaero has doubled its U.S.-based customer success team and made substantial changes to its product offering. More will be announced yet this year. These include a build out of maintenance features and additional improvements in the already-popular crew app.

    “We’re a company on the move,” says Klein. “We’re breaking down barriers to digitization by building out our customer-facing roles and onboarding to better serve our growing customer base. Operators see us as the answer to their needs – a powerful, paperless flight operations platform that communicates seamlessly with all departments, while providing the needed checks and balances for added safety and efficiency.”

    Since entering the marketplace 12 years ago as part of the Avinode Group, Schedaero has made numerous advances. A key one launched in 2018: its open APIs (application program interfaces that enable software to talk to each other). Other closed systems do not give operators the same freedom to leverage their own data.

    In 2020 the Avinode Group joined the World Fuel Services family. This gives Schedaero customers access to up-to-date fuel pricing, quick fuel request responses and easy invoicing.

    Schedaero is based in Gothenburg, Sweden, with offices in Portland, OR, and remote team members located across the United States in multiple time zones.



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  4. Avinode Group launches Avinode Aid to support medical relief efforts

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    Avinode Aid is accessible to all operators whether or not they are existing Avinode members. The initiative ensures ambulance-only aircraft are not open to passenger flight requests, so operators can respond to urgent medical transportation enquiries quickly and efficiently.

    Brokers can easily find available fixed-wing air ambulances by filtering search results, whilst medical helicopters will be placed in a separate category in Avinode’s helicopter search. New ambulance aircraft placed on the platform will be further promoted through Avinode’s email communications and social media, so brokers can quickly find the flight option they need to assist a client’s relief efforts.

    Per Marthinsson, EVP, Avinode Group, says: “It is critical for the business air charter community to collaborate during this pandemic, to find ways to bring special mission aircraft to those in need. Technology is an enabler of this collaboration. We are hopeful that by providing Avinode Aid as a free service for operators, we will connect brokers with the ambulance aircraft their customers need for medical transportation and humanitarian relief.”

    Operators wishing to add their ambulance aircraft to Avinode can sign up at The free service will initially last until the end of 2020, when demand will be evaluated depending on the state of the pandemic. 

    Avinode Aid is one of a series of actions Avinode is taking to support its members, including advising on travel restrictions impacting charter; providing a platform for members to post advice; and sharing data on charter demand to help the market take appropriate action.

    For press inquires, please contact us here.

  5. Avinode Group unveils new Scandinavian-inspired booth at NBAA 2018

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    NBAA-BACE, Orlando, 15 October 2018: Avinode (Booth #4114), a leading technology and data partner for the business air charter industry, is announcing it will bring a new, Scandinavian-inspired booth to Florida for NBAA-BACE 2018.

    Avinode will unveil its new booth, which pays homage to its Swedish heritage, to the 25,000 visitors expected to attend the event this year. 

    Alexandra MacRae, head of marketing, Avinode Group says: “At NBAA this year, we want to showcase our Swedish heritage which reaffirms the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit that has driven the development of Avinode, whilst also bringing our smart solutions to life. Visitors to our stand will get a true sense of what it’s like to be Swedish – a holistic experience made possible by our natural Swedish energy.”

    Avinode’s booth boasts a stage for presentations and ‘Node talks’ by Avinode Group ‘Noders’ including the executive, management and development teams, as well as event partners. Visitors will also be able to enjoy product demo stations, a central visitor ‘energy bar’ where attendees are invited to top-up on a selection of refreshments, four meeting rooms and event partner areas. There are also four self-navigational interactive screens and a large video display screen spread throughout the booth. 

    MacRae continues: “The Avinode Group is at the center of business aviation, providing industry-leading sourcing and booking platforms, cutting-edge operations software and the industry’s first online payment platform. We push digital boundaries, maximizing the success of businesses in the industry, and we want our booth to reflect that. By providing energy and the opportunity to share knowledge, form business relationships and explore new possibilities, the Avinode Group booth will be the natural hub of NBAA and other industry conventions we attend. We look forward to welcoming everyone to our stand.”

  6. Real evidence of US business aviation recovery, says Avinode

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    NBAA-BACE, Orlando, 15 October 2018: Harry Clarke, senior commercial analyst at business aviation technology leader and data partner Avinode Group, says the North American industry is finally recovering after many difficult years. 

    Speaking ahead of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Convention and Exhibition in Orlando, Florida, Clarke says: “We are seeing real evidence, not just hope, of business aviation genuinely fighting back – globally, in Europe and, critically, in the key market of North America. After the long-term negative impact of the global financial crisis of 2007-2008, industry statistics are now showing a very positive sign – sustained growth. 

    “We’ve been analyzing flight requests submitted through Avinode [for the period 14 August 2017 – 14 August 2018, compared to the previous 12 months] and the results are very encouraging,” continues Clarke. “The growth shown reflects both increased industry activity and increased use of Avinode. Our data reveals, for example, all the leading North American [US and Canadian] destinations are enjoying increased demand for private air charter traffic.” 

    Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport is the most requested North American destination for flights originating in North America (and also seventh on the list for flights originating outside North America). New York/New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport (2), Los Angeles’ Van Nuys Airport (3), Miami-Opa locka Executive Airport (4) and Washington DC’s Dulles International Airport (5) complete the top five of the most requested North American airports for ‘domestic’ flights. 

    Every airport in the top 10 has shown year-on-year growth in demand, with highlights including McCarran (up 75%, from 53,871 requests to 94,522 requests); Teterboro (up almost exactly 100%, from 45,930 requests to 91,805 requests); and Van Nuys (up 103%, from 30,572 requests to 62,156 requests). 

    When passengers are flying intercontinentally, into North America, Teterboro (1), Opa locka Executive (2), Los Angeles International (3) and Van Nuys (4) are the four most requested arrival airports. 

    Again, every airport in the top 10, for requests from passengers flying intercontinentally into North America, has shown year-on-year growth in demand. Teterboro, for example, has seen requests rise from 21,604 to 33,804 (up 56%), with Opa locka Executive seeing demand rise from 5,736 requests to 13,768 requests (up 140%). 

    Looking at the aircraft themselves, Clarke says: “We are seeing rising numbers of charter requests for large-cabin, long-range and ultra-long-range aircraft. The Bombardier Challenger 604 is the most requested aircraft type for intercontinental flights from North America, alongside five Gulfstream aircraft in the top 10. For flights within North America, the Hawker 800XP is currently the most requested aircraft type, as was the case last year.” 

    “A sense of renewed and justified optimism is building throughout the industry. Not only are we watching statistical growth in business aviation, we are also seeing critical changes in the way the industry operates. The question of whether customers will book private charter flights online has been answered. They do. As such, mobile phones will undoubtedly play an increasingly important role in business aviation and I expect to see a growing number of bookings being made through smartphone apps. The challenge ahead is to improve business aviation’s online offering to be as seamless and transparent as the digital services provided by the rest of the travel industry.” 

    The Avinode Group is exhibiting at Booth 4114 at the NBAA Convention and Exhibition in Orlando from October 16-18 2018.