Avinode Group shares their vision of a new booking experience for air charter.

23 May 2023

The Avinode Group team is dedicating their EBACE attendance this year to unboxing the vision for a completely new booking experience, set to simplify and improve the interactions between operators, brokers and end clients in a world where customer relationships are increasingly built and maintained online.

Building strong customer relationships is central for selling air charter, and in this time and age relationships matter more than ever to excel as a broker and operator. The business aviation industry has been left behind when it comes to offering smooth online booking and payment solutions to help professionals in air charter.

Recent data shows that online sales globally is projected to grow by 56% in the next three years (eMarketer, 2023). Avinode data confirm this trend, as we have seen a 400% growth in proportion of end client searches powered by Avinode’s web apps since 2018.

Tobias Gunnesson, CPO, says, “During 2023 and onwards we will be launching new functionality across our software solutions that will make it easier for buyers of air charter and their clients to select, book and pay for a trip online. We’ve involved our members in a customer-centric approach to product development, where we have a handful of development partners actively involved in the process. It provides our customers unique insights and ensures that it matches the problems they are facing every day.”

Avinode Group’s vision is for charter buyers to easily choose their preferred quote, payment method, sign the contract and pay for the trip – all in one place. Charter sellers are provided with one smooth workflow that reduces the back-and-forth communications involving email, phone and paper to book and confirm a charter flight. A cornerstone of the online booking workflow is our integrated payment solution Paynode, which gives buyers and sellers more ease and choice when doing business together.

“Our vision is that charter operators and brokers will be able to allocate more of their time and energy to offer their customers that five-star experience from start to finish, which is what they do best. The book & pay workflow should be the least of their worries, including getting paid on time,” says Oliver King, CEO, Avinode Group.


Starting May 23rd, you can watch our video introducing online booking here!

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Avinode Group is in Booth F62 with their team of charter sales and payment specialists. Get the full picture of our online booking solution by listening to our popular Node Talks that will be held live in our booth at EBACE 2023.

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