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How can we support the bizav community through the crisis?

28 Apr 2020

The global impact of the COVID-19 outbreak is truly devastating. And while health always comes first, we want to ensure we’re providing members with the support they need from us during these extraordinary times. So, we asked them.

COVID-19 Member Survey

In total we surveyed 7,000 Avinode and Schedaero users. We listened to their suggestions on the help we could offer them, as well as their thoughts on what COVID-19 will mean for their business. Thanks to everyone who took part we now have a clear picture of the challenges ahead, how we can help, and a plan of action moving forward.

Thoughts on the industry

We asked what impact COVID-19 will have on air charter demand and their business during spring, summer and fall. The responses show that both brokers and operators expect a lower demand than usual during spring (approximately 90% reduction for both sides), which will lead to a big impact on business during spring (approximately 60% reductionfor both sides).

However, predictions for fall are much more optimistic, with the most common response being that COVID-19 will have ‘No impact on business’ (35-40% for both sides). When asked about demand during fall, a majority on both sides (65-70%) believe it will be back to normal levels or be higher than usual.

The actions we’re taking

Amongst the uncertainty, we’re committed to being flexible in how we meet the needs of members – both operators and brokers. The table below shows the suggestions made by members and the actions we’re putting in place as a result.

What would be helpful for you?

Make it easier to source ambulance/medevac flights

Avinode Group actions

Avinode Aid initiative

  • Make ambulance/medevac aircraft more visible in search results
  • Free promotion of ambulance aircraft in the Avinode Marketplace
  • Gather urgent demand for ambulance and medevac flights in one location

Information about flight restrictions in Avinode

  • Implemented warning about applicable travel restrictions when performing a search in marketplace

Collate useful resources and links

Continued updates on charter demand

  • Actions for today: Share reports on demand outlook on a weekly basis
  • Actions for the future: Provide even more frequent updates on charter demand

Information about other member companies

  • Share more stories around our members’ challenges and their contributions. 

We will keep monitoring demand in business aviation and make sure to keep updating our members and the business aviation community on the trends we can see. If you have feedback and suggestions on how we can support in other ways, don’t hesitate to contact us on [email protected]

Alexandra MacRae
Head of Marketing & CX, Avinode Group

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