Sam Foulger – designing workflows that give our members super-powers.

25 Mar 2024

In this video interview, Sam Foulger tells us about the role of a Product Manager and how he and his team have created a seamless charter booking workflow that lets our members be more successful.

As a Product Manager, Sam Foulger ensures we build solutions that meet the customer’s needs. That includes working closely with our operator and broker members to understand the challenges in their daily workflows and discuss potential solutions. Our team of designers and developers can then identify what we can solve by building features and solutions that cater to the actual needs of our members.

“I’ve been working specifically with charter workflows, making it seamless all the way from sourcing to reconciling payments. Great software products should make their users feel super-powered, and make them feel that they can do more with their day than they ever realized was possible.”

A workday with different systems and manual communication between team members can make it difficult to get a good overview of what the status is on a trip. The result of our teams’ work is a full integration of the charter booking flow collecting quotes, contracts, and payments in one place.

Sam explains, “One of my favourite features is the digital contracting. Instead of a manual booking workflow including PDFs and e-mails, you can now easily create a contract from your quote in one click, get it signed by the customer, and your whole team is notified automatically.”

Whether you’re an Operator or Broker, we’ll help you explore our seamless charter booking flow and its unique benefits for you. Get in touch with our team so that we can understand your needs and show you our essential solutions that build the enhanced booking flow.


Sam Foulger is one of our Product Managers based in Portland, Oregon, USA. He not only lives to create great software products, but is also a former self-employed jazz drummer, keen photographer and rollerblader outside of work hours.

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