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Through our sustainability partner World Kinect Energy Services we are proud to offer you the ability to make your trips carbon neutral by using carbon offsets. And if you are also looking to make your entire organisation carbon neutral, they can work with you to set up your total sustainability program.
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What is a carbon offset?

A carbon offset represents one ton of greenhouse gas emissions that has been avoided or reduced in the atmosphere. Purchasing carbon offsets allows companies to compensate for their residual carbon footprint by supporting projects worldwide that reduce carbon emissions.


Why carbon offsets?

Carbon offsets are a bridging mechanism that enables companies to offset current emissions while pursuing ways to reduce emissions. The supply of sustainable fuel is limited and not geographically distributed. Carbon offsetting can help you achieve your sustainability goals immediately, but it is a complex process.

World Kinect Energy Services are experts in the field of carbon offsets and make the process easy. This program provides aviation businesses easy access to the carbon markets and the ability to claim carbon neutrality.


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ⓘ The projects described above are for illustrative purposes only and World Kinect Energy Services may, at its discretion, source carbon offsets for its customers from other projects that are not mentioned on this website.


Making the process easy

Our experts handle everything end-to-end from project sourcing and trading to delivery and retirement of certificates, saving you time and internal resources. Here is how it works:


Calculate the amount of carbon emissions associated with a trip in tons of CO2 equivalents (CO2e).


Source an equivalent amount of carbon offsets from the Gold Standard or the Voluntary Carbon Standard emission reduction project


Deliver the corresponding documentation that allows you to report that you have offset the carbon emissions from the trip.

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World Kinect Energy Services can help you tailor a carbon offset solution for your organization. Our trusted experts will help your organization make a specific impact on certified carbon offset projects. Contact us to get started on your carbon neutral journey.

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