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Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we are following developments closely. On this page you will find the latest information and resources on the current state of the pandemic and its effect on the global air charter community.

Member stories

22 May 2020

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The power of networks in times of crisis - one broker's story

We love to hear the stories of how our customers are adapting and responding to the challenges of COVID-19. For the latest in our series of interviews we spoke with Kyle Patel, Executive & Charter Director at BitLux. Kyle explained how he was able to draw on his network of contacts to source vital PPE and transport it back to the US. He also shared his thoughts on what’s next for the private charter sector and told us how Avinode helps BitLux make the complex a lot simpler.

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30 Apr 2020

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Putting the community first - one operator's story

In the second in our series of features celebrating the exceptional work of members during the COVID-19 pandemic, we spoke with Ian Moore, Chief Commercial Officer at VistaJet and Vista Global Holding. Ian talked about why VistaJet is making its fleet available to governments and medical organisations to repatriate citizens, and transport medical equipment and experts around the globe. He also explained how a commitment to doing things their way has enabled VistaJet to adapt in the current climate.

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31 Mar 2020

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Rising to the challenge in a crisis - one operator's story

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a huge impact on the entire aviation sector. But amongst the uncertainty, there are Avinode members doing incredible work to make a real difference in these difficult times.

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Latest demand updates

27 Aug 2020

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When variation is the trend: Key takeaways from summer 2020

With fall upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere, we wanted to have a look back over this unprecedented corona-impacted summer. To help us gain perspective on what it has been like for Avinode members on the ground, we spoke with Armando Travieso of the charter brokerage Axis Air in Florida — one of the few markets that’s been busy of late. What trends have we seen and what conclusions can we draw about bizav’s “new normal”?

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16 Jul 2020

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What’s really happening in bizav right now?

So many opinions. So many theories. So many predictions. To cut through the confusion, we asked three of our senior sales executives in key regions – people at the heart of the industry – to tell us what’s actually going on in private aviation at the moment.

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02 Jul 2020

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Charter rates gradually increase as demand recovery continues

Demand for global charter has been recovering in the last couple of weeks and this is now being reflected in charter rates too – increasing from dramatic price cuts seen during the peak of the crisis.

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11 Jun 2020

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Demand starting to materialise for the European summer

The last couple of weeks have seen encouraging signs for demand in the European charter market. Forward looking demand data shows promising signs for July and August travel.

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Useful links and resources

Useful links and shortcuts to websites that help you navigate the situation.

New: Schedaero FAQ – Handling the COVID-19 situation

We know that many operators are now struggling to cope with a very difficult situation. On our Academy page you can learn more about what actions you can take in order to be better prepared.

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To help our members better cope with this unusual situation we have defined these FAQ articles.

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Actions taken by Avinode Group

In the tracks of COVID-19, we are trying our best to support you in coping with a very unusual situation. 

Follow the link to see what actions Avinode Group is taking to support its members during the COVID-19 outbreak.

For charter operators

Many operator members are now struggling to handle a large amount of incoming requests for charter. 

In this article you can find questions and answers on what you can do to improve the quality of incoming requests.

For charter brokers

Right now there is an enormous amount of requests for charter going through Avinode. 

Navigate to Avinode Academy to find questions and answers regarding what you as a broker can do to get better quality responses.

Event updates

As the coronavirus outbreak continues its global spread, many of the events we are attending have been cancelled or postponed. You can find more information on what events are affected on our event page.

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