The marketing internship that raised the bar for the future

28 Aug 2023

Freja just completed her summer internship in our marketing department, and we wanted to hear what it’s like to go from studying at the university to an office desk, and if her expectations were met in the day-to-day of being part of a communications and marketing team for a global SaaS brand.

What made you apply for an internship with Avinode Group?

I applied for this position since I’ve always been interested in marketing and the tech sphere. I’ve mostly heard about B2C marketing and wanted to learn about B2B marketing since it’s not something they ever talk about in school.

I was also interested in the aviation industry and what it is like working in an international company where everyone comes from so many different cultures and work backgrounds.

Why did you want to try marketing?

I’m studying for a bachelor’s degree in Economics, and marketing is a part of it, but I wanted to see if there is a difference between theory and practice. No shock there – there is a big difference! 

What have been your main tasks in the marketing team?

I was tasked with creating a new social media plan, which was exciting to me and a dream come true given that I’ve always been interested in how companies work with social media. One of my tasks was also to define and build a structure for the company brand guidelines. It has been very interesting, and I often broke my own rules. Working here has given me a better idea of what I want to do in the future.

What has been most challenging?

I have a new-found respect for graphic designers! I never thought I’d need to think so much about color codes and file formats, or the weight of a downloadable file. I thought “How can it be too heavy when it’s in the cloud”. I have come out of this with a new-found confidence and new knowledge, and as a bonus, I’m now an expert at hosting Zoom meetings.

So, what did you think about the Avinode Group work culture?

At first, I was surprised – this is not what I thought the corporate world would be like. My idea of office work was that it would be the typical 9 to 5 job where I would be the intern serving coffee and doing admin work. Instead, I’ve been able to set my own working hours, working from home or the office, and I’ve been allowed to take initiative and create my own projects. I’ve felt very welcomed and was treated as an equal, even without any previous experience. 

Would you recommend being an intern at Avinode Group?

Definitely! I really enjoyed working in the marketing team but I can definitely see that as an intern in any department of the company, you would have the same freedom and support as I’ve experienced. I now have much higher expectations for my next job or internship.

I hope anyone who gets a chance to work here jumps at the opportunity.

Interested in an internship?

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