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  1. The secrets to simplifying Flight Operations

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    Elevating efficiency to reduce cost and improve your bottom line

    This solution was designed with flight operators in mind, and that’s why we pride ourselves in helping operators streamline flight planning and maintenance and optimize their operations, regardless of size.

    Streamlined Flight Planning
    At the core of the platform are cutting-edge technologies and the most up-to-date aviation data to deliver an all-encompassing flight management solution. One noteworthy feature is the IOS Crew App. This handy tool consolidates all information and updates the crew about relevant flight changes, significantly reducing manual input. Flight planning becomes more efficient with integrations such as Foreflight Dispatch, allowing seamless communication during planning stages.

    Maintenance Management
    Staying compliant is more important than ever to provide a safe experience for customers and avoid any issues with the FAA. Our solution provides efficient tools for maintenance management, replacing traditional paper logs with secure, real-time digital aircraft histories accessible from any device. By optimizing maintenance events, task delegation, and work orders, it supports a smooth, surprise-free service.

    Resource Optimization
    Resources are optimized via automation and streamlined operations, increasing aircraft, pilots, and other personnel utilization while minimizing disruptions. Real-time alerts are sent to crew members and dispatch to help avoid delays and manual communication. Tasks such as crew assignment and records maintenance are automated to reduce error-prone workloads.

    Ensuring compliance and safety in flight operations

    Improve Safety and Maintain Compliance all-in-one place

    In the aviation game, safety and compliance are essential. That’s where Schedaero comes in, taking flight operations to a new level with top-notch safety and smooth compliance. Thanks to real-time alerts, smart data, and automation, we keeps things safe and compliant.

    Regulatory Compliance
    You can ensure regulatory compliance by automating tasks like flight duty records and data monitoring, minimizing human error in navigating pilot duty times, rest periods, and operational limitations. Log and monitor critical flight parameters, flag anomalies, and use robust data logging to support auditing and ease validation of operation procedures.

    With its easy-to-use platform and dynamic capabilities, Schedaero is the ideal choice for aviation companies aiming to modernize their systems. 

    Contact us today to see how we can enhance your aviation business’s productivity, safety, and cost efficiency.

  2. Year in review: The time-saving updates you don’t want to miss.

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    We’re thankful and proud that so many of our members have dedicated time and effort to partner with us in our product development during 2023. Getting this input is essential to build solutions that create success for operators and brokers worldwide.

    This collaboration has resulted in a tonne of useful features and solutions on our platforms. Let’s look back at some of the key updates we made this year that create new efficiencies for operators’ and brokers’ different teams.

    We’ve continued building on smoother payment workflows, particularly for users on finance teams. The ability to automatically match funds with trips in Avinode has been highly requested and now creates a seamless connection between incoming transactions and open payment requests. Keeping books up to date is easier with our QuickBooks Online integration!

    Charter sales teams have more ways to create a five-star customer experience and reduce the steps in their sales workflows with the ability to offer the customer multiple payment options in one payment request, allowing their clients to select how they prefer to pay for the trip.

    Working on the go in Avinode’s iOS app is easier than ever! When sourcing aircraft, you can easily toggle between arrival or departure and UTC or local time. You can rerun a search, a real time-saver when you need more options. In Trips Selling, we added an action indicator to highlight the row needing your attention, and the notifications are updated with reminders.

    Operators and their dispatch teams have also seen several updates that make trip scheduling smoother. The Avinode schedule page got a make-over to improve usability. We introduced important integrations to other flight operations software used by US operators such as ForeFlight and Traxxall, making it easier to stay on top of scheduling issues.

    For pilots and crew using the Schedaero iOS crew app, a major update and improvement has been the possibility of flight logging in the air without an internet connection. It’s also easier to keep track of flight changes in the crew app notifications center, where all trip updates can be easily reviewed in one place.

    We hope you and your colleagues can find some quiet time during the end of the year to try out these time-saving updates and start the new year in a strong position!

    All our release notes in one place!

    Keep track of all the latest updates for Avinode Group solutions by following our release notes here!

  3. Optimize your flight planning with Schedaero’s integrations

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    The day-to-day of charter operations usually means working in several different systems to manage your schedule, crew, and passenger information. More and more operators in the US and Americas are now discovering the advantages of Schedaero’s seamless integrations. We talked to Adrian Casillas on our US-based Customer Success team to learn more about how these integrations save time and increase efficiency.

    What are the advantages of using integrations for operators?

    It’s all about avoiding double-entry and ensuring your information is up to date where it needs to be! For our American operators that use ForeFlight Dispatch as part of their flight planning, integrating it with Schedaero is really a time-saver! It’s a great way to ensure pilots and crew are always up to date with the latest changes. The end goal is to ensure you get the full value of both Schedaero and ForeFlight and it ensures higher accuracy in both systems.

    How does it work?

    The ForeFlight Dispatch integration automatically sends your scheduled flights in Schedaero to ForeFlight and any changes to the itinerary, crew, passengers, or dates are automatically updated, eliminating the need for double-entry. All our ready-made integrations work in a similar way, ensuring the systems are instantly updated with any changes.

    How can Schedaero members get started using it?

    It’s easy to get started on your own in Schedaero’s integration settings. You don’t need any training, but our team is always here to guide you if necessary. With access to your Schedaero and ForeFlight Dispatch settings you are able to generate an API key, implement data settings, and map your aircraft. After this you are ready to save time and reduce double entry!

    About Schedaero’s APIs and integrations

    Boost your productivity with our open APIs and our ready-made integrations with Schedaero. Have a tool your business relies on, but you don’t see it here? Get in touch with us and we can look into configuring an integration.

    Get started with our integrations

  4. Ceci Hayssen – tailoring the fleet management setup for operators.

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    With a background in aviation tech companies, Ceci Hayssen is in a great spot to support business aviation operators in creating an efficient fleet management setup. Ceci and our Customer Success team are there to support each operator on Schedaero all the way to a clean and seamless flow of information.

    “Acting as a consultant and working closely with the operators to understand their needs is the best part of my job. All of our customer-facing team members have aviation backgrounds, so they really get it and they want to help.”

    The team’s individual approach with each operator also means they tailor an onboarding program that fits the needs of the team. Depending on the size of the operation, a new customer can be up and running in anything from a week to a month.

    “We love to hear that operators can see the value with our solution really quickly. The seamless connection with Avinode and the expense reporting in our Crew App are just some examples that bring immediate cost-savings.”

    Hear Ceci explain more about the value of our cloud-based and customizable solution in the interview below!


    Ceci Hayssen joined Avinode Group in 2021 as a Customer Success Manager, and later on took the role as team lead for our US-based Customer Success team. When she’s not guiding operators to create an optimized flight operations workflow, Ceci enjoys getting outside and staying active. Recently relocated from Denver to Brooklyn, NY she is constantly looking for an excuse to get back out to the mountains and go skiing

    Continue the conversation with Ceci on Linkedin

  5. Schedaero helps operators stay compliant after TSA changes passenger vetting process.

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    How does the new TSA directive affect US operators?

    The new Directive requires operators to go through new security protocols and use a completely new vetting process which poses several challenges for US operators. On its own, the new process is time-consuming and the directive provided a short timeline (90 days) to meet the requirements. For operators, getting an automatic integration with their FMS solution set up within the timeframe mandated has been challenging.

    How is Avinode Group able to support operators with this change?

    As a leading player in business aviation technology, we take data security seriously and prioritize supporting our customers in their work to improve privacy and data protection. We’ve been working closely with the TSA and DHS throughout the process to set up the best solution. It is very important to us that our customers own their data. Through our solutions, they are able to control it and handle it in a safe manner.

    Vetting customers quickly and accurately is critical to streamlined flight operations. Particularly with short booking lead times which are so common in our industry.

    What does this mean for the product roadmap of your flight operations team?

    Naturally, a lot of our US customers have reached out to us to get our help before the deadline. We’re excited to offer an interim solution in Schedaero that provides some time savings for operators and helps them stay compliant. Meanwhile, we are continuing to work on a best-in-class fully automated solution. It’s important that operators also work closely with their TSA contact at the FAA to make sure they have all the details about the new process and know what they need to do to comply.

    On June 22nd, we launched an export tool from Schedaero, our completely integrated FMS solution, where the data that needs to be vetted by the TSA can be easily exported and screened. We’re also working diligently to build a completely automated integration with the DHS within the coming months, so that the necessary passenger and crew data can be screened without any manual work at all.

    To learn more about Schedaero and the way we support operators to be compliant, contact [email protected].

  6. Webinar: The top 5 pain points of scheduling

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    About the webinar

    In this webinar, Sandro Chiappe & Genesis Dela Cruz (our Schedaero experts) highlights the top five pain points and key solutions you won’t want to miss.

    Topics covered includes:

    • Improving charter operations quotes
    • Removing some of the unnecessary manual processes 
    • Running an operation smoothly from start to finish
    • Bringing your scheduling system into the modern era