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  1. We will grow our impact on Business Aviation as we are moving to CAMP Systems International Inc

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    World Kinect Corporation has announced an agreement to sell its portfolio of aviation software products catering to Air Charter and FBO operations to CAMP System International Inc., which includes Avinode Group.

    The closing of the transaction is subject to customary closing conditions, including regulatory approaches, and is expected to be completed in the next 60 days.

    This acquisition will allow Avinode Group and CAMP Systems to further invest in building great software products and services for our customers and the business aviation industry and drive the evolution towards seamless workflows.

     “We are excited to partner with the Avinode Group and FBO team. Both organizations have a strong track record of delivering innovative, market-leading products. This represents a complementary extension of our business and platform to bring exciting new opportunities to the market and better serve our expanding customer base.” said Sean Lanagan, President and Chief Executive Officer, CAMP Systems.

    Oliver King, Chief Executive Officer of the Avinode Group, added, “CAMP Systems International is a highly respected aviation software and marketplace provider. We are excited about the possibilities the partnership between our companies will bring to our customers. We thank World Kinect Corporation for the continuous support and our ongoing relationship.“

    Our members and partners can expect uninterrupted service and support during this transition. Avinode Group will continue to operate as a stand-alone brand. Avinode Group Employees and the Management team will continue in their current roles and positions.

    For media inquiries, please contact
    [email protected]

    About Camp Systems International Inc
    CAMP Systems International Inc. is the premier aircraft health management and enterprise information systems provider in business aviation and provides maintenance tracking services for nearly 20,000 aircraft and engine health monitoring for over 30,000 engines. Its software solutions support over 1,500 service center and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) organizations.

    About Avinode Group
    Avinode Group offers a fully connected suite of essential software to support Business Aviation professionals through the full supply chain of managing, sourcing, booking, and paying for aircraft.
    Founded in the heart of Scandinavia in 2002, the Avinode Group has more than 1800 members globally and a team spread across Europe, the US, and Australia to provide their members with the best support possible.

  2. Year in review: The time-saving updates you don’t want to miss.

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    We’re thankful and proud that so many of our members have dedicated time and effort to partner with us in our product development during 2023. Getting this input is essential to build solutions that create success for operators and brokers worldwide.

    This collaboration has resulted in a tonne of useful features and solutions on our platforms. Let’s look back at some of the key updates we made this year that create new efficiencies for operators’ and brokers’ different teams.

    We’ve continued building on smoother payment workflows, particularly for users on finance teams. The ability to automatically match funds with trips in Avinode has been highly requested and now creates a seamless connection between incoming transactions and open payment requests. Keeping books up to date is easier with our QuickBooks Online integration!

    Charter sales teams have more ways to create a five-star customer experience and reduce the steps in their sales workflows with the ability to offer the customer multiple payment options in one payment request, allowing their clients to select how they prefer to pay for the trip.

    Working on the go in Avinode’s iOS app is easier than ever! When sourcing aircraft, you can easily toggle between arrival or departure and UTC or local time. You can rerun a search, a real time-saver when you need more options. In Trips Selling, we added an action indicator to highlight the row needing your attention, and the notifications are updated with reminders.

    Operators and their dispatch teams have also seen several updates that make trip scheduling smoother. The Avinode schedule page got a make-over to improve usability. We introduced important integrations to other flight operations software used by US operators such as ForeFlight and Traxxall, making it easier to stay on top of scheduling issues.

    For pilots and crew using the Schedaero iOS crew app, a major update and improvement has been the possibility of flight logging in the air without an internet connection. It’s also easier to keep track of flight changes in the crew app notifications center, where all trip updates can be easily reviewed in one place.

    We hope you and your colleagues can find some quiet time during the end of the year to try out these time-saving updates and start the new year in a strong position!

    All our release notes in one place!

    Keep track of all the latest updates for Avinode Group solutions by following our release notes here!

  3. Caroline Pettersson – with a passion for customer-centric solutions.

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    With their customer-centric approach, Caroline Pettersson and our product development team have taken a deep dive into our customers’ needs for an efficient and seamless payment workflow. After countless interviews, their objective was to build a solution that made things easier.

    “The best part of my job is to understand the customer needs and then see how the solution we built really makes a difference in their daily work. What surprised me was how many steps brokers and operators must go through to perform tasks that should be very simple, but they are not! Based on that knowledge, it was important that we built something that makes communication more transparent and more efficient.”

    Hear more from Caroline about the insights and next steps that can help you and your business grow and improve efficiency, in this video!


    Caroline joined Avinode Group in 2022 as Product Manager for our payment solutions, with seven years of experience in similar positions in the travel tech industry. When she’s not busy planning the next product launches on our development roadmap, she enjoys DIY projects and crafts and is currently planning the production of knitted Christmas gifts for the family.

    Continue the conversation with Caroline on Linkedin

  4. A payment process that charter companies rely on

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    In what way is trust an issue for our members?

    Trusting new partners can be tricky in this industry since doing business with a new broker or operator means you have no prior relationship or built-up trust to lean on. Operators and brokers all care about building long-lasting relationships but there’s not always time for that. Charter trips are both high-value and time-sensitive. We know that 32% of charter trips in 2022 were booked within 72 hours of departure. That’s why we need to make sure that everyone involved in booking a trip can rely on the process.

    How do you help our customers reduce friction in their payment processes?

    I work closely with finance teams and business owners to help manage their payment workflows. We all know that even between legitimate and trustworthy companies there can be hickups in the process of booking and paying for a trip. There can be an issue with the aircraft or an issue when processing a payment. It feels really great when I can be there for them and help them through such issues, and make the process smoother.

    How does our workflow increase trust between members?

    To be honest, you don’t need to worry about trusting a partner anymore. That’s what we are here for! One of the big benefits is that our members all go through the same vetting process, making sure that they only deal with legitimate companies with a good track record.

    With our solution, they get processes and the technology that protects them from issues with fraud, chargebacks, and slow payments. We’re also a dedicated team that guides our members through some of those tricky moments, like processing a refund, which makes a difference also for the end customer.

    Helping to make some of those key interactions with the end customers easier and with less friction, is where I think we build trust in the business aviation industry.

    What are some of the results our customers can see?

    Although the number of members and transactions in Paynode has grown rapidly recently, we can see that the number of refunds and disputes we process is at a consistently low level. It feels great to know that our solution works and helps our members avoid issues.

    How we’re building a serious network

    Since we have a payment solution integrated in our Avinode Group offer, successfully completing the vetting process is a prerequisite for all new members of our payment solution.

    This process is a regulatory and legal requirement any time a new bank account, money transfer process or card processing account is set up. It is one of many steps we take, together with our payment solution providers, to ensure against money laundering, the funding of terrorism, fraud, and the illegal transfer of funds.

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  5. Why payments matter in air charter: the must-read white paper for operators and brokers.

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    This white paper covers the most common business challenges, trends, and advice to protect you and your customers from fraud and potential financial loss.

    We talked to Brenton Melville about the work behind the paper and how it can make a difference in our industry.

    Brenton – why should operators and brokers care about digital payments?

    The digital payment sector is advancing quickly, and new solutions for niche industries are constantly coming out on the market. These solutions can offer a really interesting alternative to traditional banks, allowing for faster and more secure transferring of funds. Especially in our industry, where high-value payments need to be made with short notice, it is important to be aware of the risks and how to protect yourself and your customer.

    What is the most important takeaway from your work on creating this white paper?

    I’m really impressed with the speed that the payment sector is evolving and I can understand that it is difficult for our members to keep up and follow the developments. That’s why we made this white paper a guide that our members can use to educate themselves on digital payments and what to keep in mind when they choose a finance partner.

    My team and I have heard many stories of attempted fraud, and I can understand that this is causing a lot of stress for operators and brokers. We want to guide our members to a solution that lets them feel more secure and know they are working with partners that follow the latest security standards.

    Get all the insights from Brenton’s team and download our free white paper here!

    Brenton Melville joined Avinode Group in 2014, and has been an important part of the team developing our payment solution that launched in 2016. Brenton is now our Commerical Lead for our payment solutions and is based in Sydney, Australia.

  6. Is the future of payments instant and alternative?

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    We are living in unprecedented times and Oliver King, CEO of Avinode Group, talked about several factors affecting our industry in this yearly review at the end of 2022. Even though the business aviation industry has been somewhat immune to economic downturn, the last years’ covid pandemic and the following energy crisis have had a massive impact on people globally and left no industry unaffected.

    We sat down with Patrick Lucy, Account Manager Team Lead – EMEAA, to discuss his view on the current state of our industry and how alternative payment methods can be part of the solution.

    Patrick, how can new payment solutions provide security in an uncertain business climate?

    Stepping away from the comfort of your traditional bank might feel daunting in uncertain times. But many other B2B sectors have already taken the step into a new comfort zone where payments are made faster, easier, and more securely.

    In recent years, the developments in open banking solutions and alternative payment methods have exploded. In this McKinsey report from 2022, it’s also clear just how quickly the payments industry has rebounded after the pandemic. Electronic payment transactions are predicted to grow even faster in the coming years. This is driven by businesses always looking for solutions to lengthy cross-border payment cycles when using traditional payment methods.

    Is the business aviation industry back to pre-pandemic levels yet?

    In Avinode we’re still seeing higher demand for air charter globally than pre-pandemic levels in 2019. We’re also seeing an increased number of smaller brokers and operators joining Avinode. The business aviation industry is traditionally slow in adopting new digital technology, but in challenging times we see that more business leaders are looking for efficiencies and ways to speed up their supply chain with the use of technology.

    A potential global economic downturn means we all need to focus on cutting costs as well as finding ways to increase data security. At times of economic uncertainty, there is usually an uptick in attempted fraud and identity theft when bad actors take advantage of the turmoil. That’s why we take security and compliance so seriously in Avinode Group, and are building a trusted network where payments can flow freely.

    What does this mean for the air charter space?

    The payment flow from end client to charter operator is certainly at the core of the air charter business. That’s why we believe this is so important. During the global pandemic, a new set of end clients started flying private instead of commercial and it looks like many of them are staying. Something to consider in our industry is that they will be expecting the same friction-free booking and payment experience as when booking a commercial flight.

    What’s on the roadmap in 2023 to meet the demands of customers?

    We’re currently working on a solution to reduce the workflow steps when securing payment from the end customer, to the broker and finally to the charter operator. Our Paynode users will definitely hear more about this in 2023, as we put more focus and resources in this area.

    It’s all about providing even easier and more secure payments. In our data we can see that one third of charter requests are made within 72 hours from departure. Speeding up the payment process using instant payments, or via credit card holds, in a smart and user-friendly workflow is a game-changer when funds need to be secured quickly.

    Join Patrick Lucy and the Avinode Group team to talk payment solutions at CJI London, February 6-8th. The panel discussion “Is the covid bounce back slowing?” is on the agenda on February 8th.