Caroline Pettersson – with a passion for customer-centric solutions.

27 Oct 2023

Caroline Pettersson shares her thoughts on the learnings and insights she gained while developing our payment solutions in close collaboration with brokers and operators in business aviation.

With their customer-centric approach, Caroline Pettersson and our product development team have taken a deep dive into our customers’ needs for an efficient and seamless payment workflow. After countless interviews, their objective was to build a solution that made things easier.

“The best part of my job is to understand the customer needs and then see how the solution we built really makes a difference in their daily work. What surprised me was how many steps brokers and operators must go through to perform tasks that should be very simple, but they are not! Based on that knowledge, it was important that we built something that makes communication more transparent and more efficient.”

Hear more from Caroline about the insights and next steps that can help you and your business grow and improve efficiency, in this video!


Caroline joined Avinode Group in 2022 as Product Manager for our payment solutions, with seven years of experience in similar positions in the travel tech industry. When she’s not busy planning the next product launches on our development roadmap, she enjoys DIY projects and crafts and is currently planning the production of knitted Christmas gifts for the family.

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