Fly Business’ journey to 6% success rate and $20 million monthly quotes.

19 Feb 2024

Join us on an inspiring journey with Elliot Surgenor, the driving force behind Fly Business. In this member story, discover how their success rate grew from 1% to an impressive 6%. Gain insights into the strategic decisions and unwavering determination defining their path to success.

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The visionary behind the world of private aviation in Mexico

The visionary behind Fly Business is its CEO and Founder, Elliot Surgenor. He brought innovation to the world of private aviation in Mexico, breaking away from traditional norms. With years of experience in business aviation, he observed the evolving industry landscape and, in 2017, embarked on a pioneering journey, starting with just one Hawker jet.

At the heart of their operations is the sales of private charters. Today, they manage a fleet of seven tails, including mid-sized and large jets. Their dedicated service has not only satisfied clients in Latin America but also expanded their operations to include the United States, Canada, and Europe.

The situation: expanding the business and winning deals

Since its launch in 2017, Fly Business Aviation has achieved remarkable growth. They started with a single jet, relying on tireless cold calling from 7 AM to 8 PM to secure meetings and generate interest. Following their collaboration with Avinode Group, Fly Business has consistently quoted over $20 million monthly.

To succeed in its growing charter business, Fly Business Aviation knew it had to streamline every aspect of its operation. The company faced significant challenges, including false proof of payments, high credit card fees, and the loss of business due to client payment concerns. The workload for the accounting team became overwhelming.

Becoming a partner of Avinode Group, Fly Business achieved two significant improvements. Firstly, it gained access to a worldwide charter marketplace, expanding its business reach. Secondly, it optimized its financial processes by ensuring reliable payments and eliminating the risk of fraudulent payments.

The solution: maximize efficiency with tools designed to streamline charter sales

In the fast-paced world of business aviation, Fly Business knows that every minute counts. Their clients often require flights within a week, demanding a swift and reliable payment process to make it happen. The challenge was clear: a solution that could initiate and release payments in record time while upholding the highest level of trust and security.

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Secure payments for last-minute flights

Fly Business found its answer in Avinode’s integrated payment solutions. Its quick 3-minute process to initiate a credit card hold and a 2-minute release option have become a game-changer for their business. Avinode’s commitment to providing a legally binding payment process ensures easy and fast transactions, making it easier than ever to secure payments for clients with tight schedules.

Increasing efficiency

My finance department’s workload has significantly decreased,” says Elliot Surgenor. With integrated payments in their charter sales workflow, they no longer need to chase clients for payments or multiple links to various banks, brokers, or individual clients. Managing payments, even for clients who are not a part of Avinode, has become more accessible.

Saving 80% of time

The transformation has been nothing short of remarkable. Fly Business reports that by utilizing Paynode, they have successfully saved approximately 80% of their time and effort. This efficiency has allowed their finance department to redirect their energy towards more strategic tasks, thereby increasing productivity and profitability.

Receiving requests within minutes:

The best part of being a part of Avinode Group is that the request comes to you,” highlights Elliot Surgenor. Instead of the traditional methods of chasing prospects and cold calling, Avinode Group brings the prospects directly to them, setting the stage for success right from the start.

This isn’t just about making the charter sales easier; it’s about doing the heavy lifting for you. “I get the request, which is amazing because this does 40 to 50% of the selling already,” says Surgenor. All trip requests originating in Avinode are available on the quotes and requests page, saving time from switching between systems.

More about Fly Business

Fly Business Aviation is a well-established Mexican private aviation company. With over eight years of experience, they operate from three key hubs in Toluca, Cancun, Monterrey, and San José del Cabo. This strategic positioning enables Fly Business to cater to clients from the USA, Canada, South America, and beyond, offering competitive rates on Caribbean routes, thanks to precise management of operational costs.

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