Schedaero helps operators stay compliant after TSA changes passenger vetting process.

29 Jun 2023

Sean Carmack is Director Product - Flight Operations at Avinode Group and we talked to him about the recent changes to the TSA TFSSP, the implications for operators, and what Avinode Group is doing to support.

How does the new TSA directive affect US operators?

The new Directive requires operators to go through new security protocols and use a completely new vetting process which poses several challenges for US operators. On its own, the new process is time-consuming and the directive provided a short timeline (90 days) to meet the requirements. For operators, getting an automatic integration with their FMS solution set up within the timeframe mandated has been challenging.

How is Avinode Group able to support operators with this change?

As a leading player in business aviation technology, we take data security seriously and prioritize supporting our customers in their work to improve privacy and data protection. We’ve been working closely with the TSA and DHS throughout the process to set up the best solution. It is very important to us that our customers own their data. Through our solutions, they are able to control it and handle it in a safe manner.

Vetting customers quickly and accurately is critical to streamlined flight operations. Particularly with short booking lead times which are so common in our industry.

What does this mean for the product roadmap of your flight operations team?

Naturally, a lot of our US customers have reached out to us to get our help before the deadline. We’re excited to offer an interim solution in Schedaero that provides some time savings for operators and helps them stay compliant. Meanwhile, we are continuing to work on a best-in-class fully automated solution. It’s important that operators also work closely with their TSA contact at the FAA to make sure they have all the details about the new process and know what they need to do to comply.

On June 22nd, we launched an export tool from Schedaero, our completely integrated FMS solution, where the data that needs to be vetted by the TSA can be easily exported and screened. We’re also working diligently to build a completely automated integration with the DHS within the coming months, so that the necessary passenger and crew data can be screened without any manual work at all.

To learn more about Schedaero and the way we support operators to be compliant, contact [email protected].

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