World’s first Frustration Booth to be hosted at NBAA 2022

18 Oct 2022

Ever felt like your emotional pot is about to boil over? Had those days when even the smallest mishap makes you want to scream out loud? If so, you will want to visit Avinode Group’s Frustration Booth at NBAA 2022. The booth is designed for you to release all your aviation frustration – and leave it there.

With many moving parts and constant deadlines, stress and frustration levels in the business aviation industry can rise through the roof. Few know this better than Avinode Group, the company that’s known for ironing out the challenges that aviation professionals encounter daily. With the Frustration Booth, they want to use the collected frustration to create new and improved software solutions.

We’ve spent the last 20 years building solutions that bring our clients’ data and processes together in one place. Our essential software makes sure that there’s less room for mistakes through the full workflow of getting aircraft in the air, from request to payment. We serve clients across many parts of the industry and we’re constantly learning about their different pain points so that we can help make their business flow easier“, says Saskia de Jong, Director of Customer Success at Avinode Group.

Collecting the most frustrating moments at NBAA 2022

The Frustration Booth will make its premiere at NBAA 2022 in Orlando on the 18th of October. The booth will have visitors react to situations they commonly encounter at work and everything from primal screams to silly faces are allowed. The participants are also encouraged to share their most frustrating moments – something Avinode Group knows there are many of in the industry.

We want to tap into what new needs the industry meets. The world changes rapidly and in the post-pandemic world with new global challenges related to our environment and a stressed global economy we want to see how we can support the industry for the years to come“, says Samuel Winderö, Global Director of Marketing & Communication at Avinode Group

Removing frustrating tasks since 2002

The company’s ambition to make work life smoother by simplifying and removing frustrating tasks is not new. Back in 2002, Avinode Group became the first company to move business aviation online – driving the industry away from the beaten path of frantic phone calls and mile-long paper trails. Since then, they have become industry leaders in the field of business aviation software. This year they are celebrating 20 years of providing solutions for business aviation professionals.

This is why we are collecting frustration – it helps us pinpoint where we should be going next. Not just when developing our own essential software, but how we can create sustainable impact across the industry together with our members”, Samuel continues.

Stop by booth 4535 to try the Frustration Booth and learn more about Avinode Group’s essentials.

About Avinode Group

Avinode Group offers a fully connected suite of essential software to support Business Aviation professionals through the full supply chain of managing, sourcing, and marketing aircraft. 

Founded in the heart of Scandinavia in 2002, Avinode Group now has more than 1000 members globally and a team spread across Europe, the US, and Australia to provide their members with the best support possible. 

Avinode Group’s essentials are crafted to minimize stress and maximize profit.

Avinode’s marketplace is the world’s leading sourcing platform for air charter. The marketplace makes it easy to find aircraft, book trips and market aircraft globally. 

Schedaero makes flight operations smoother for charter  operators, flight departments and private aircraft owners. 

Paynode adds the comfort of sending and receiving hassle-free payments, fully integrated in the rest of your workflow.

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