Real evidence of US business aviation recovery, says Avinode

15 Oct 2018

NBAA-BACE, Orlando, 15 October 2018: Harry Clarke, senior commercial analyst at business aviation technology leader and data partner Avinode Group, says the North American industry is finally recovering after many difficult years.

NBAA-BACE, Orlando, 15 October 2018: Harry Clarke, senior commercial analyst at business aviation technology leader and data partner Avinode Group, says the North American industry is finally recovering after many difficult years. 

Speaking ahead of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Convention and Exhibition in Orlando, Florida, Clarke says: “We are seeing real evidence, not just hope, of business aviation genuinely fighting back – globally, in Europe and, critically, in the key market of North America. After the long-term negative impact of the global financial crisis of 2007-2008, industry statistics are now showing a very positive sign – sustained growth. 

“We’ve been analyzing flight requests submitted through Avinode [for the period 14 August 2017 – 14 August 2018, compared to the previous 12 months] and the results are very encouraging,” continues Clarke. “The growth shown reflects both increased industry activity and increased use of Avinode. Our data reveals, for example, all the leading North American [US and Canadian] destinations are enjoying increased demand for private air charter traffic.” 

Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport is the most requested North American destination for flights originating in North America (and also seventh on the list for flights originating outside North America). New York/New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport (2), Los Angeles’ Van Nuys Airport (3), Miami-Opa locka Executive Airport (4) and Washington DC’s Dulles International Airport (5) complete the top five of the most requested North American airports for ‘domestic’ flights. 

Every airport in the top 10 has shown year-on-year growth in demand, with highlights including McCarran (up 75%, from 53,871 requests to 94,522 requests); Teterboro (up almost exactly 100%, from 45,930 requests to 91,805 requests); and Van Nuys (up 103%, from 30,572 requests to 62,156 requests). 

When passengers are flying intercontinentally, into North America, Teterboro (1), Opa locka Executive (2), Los Angeles International (3) and Van Nuys (4) are the four most requested arrival airports. 

Again, every airport in the top 10, for requests from passengers flying intercontinentally into North America, has shown year-on-year growth in demand. Teterboro, for example, has seen requests rise from 21,604 to 33,804 (up 56%), with Opa locka Executive seeing demand rise from 5,736 requests to 13,768 requests (up 140%). 

Looking at the aircraft themselves, Clarke says: “We are seeing rising numbers of charter requests for large-cabin, long-range and ultra-long-range aircraft. The Bombardier Challenger 604 is the most requested aircraft type for intercontinental flights from North America, alongside five Gulfstream aircraft in the top 10. For flights within North America, the Hawker 800XP is currently the most requested aircraft type, as was the case last year.” 

“A sense of renewed and justified optimism is building throughout the industry. Not only are we watching statistical growth in business aviation, we are also seeing critical changes in the way the industry operates. The question of whether customers will book private charter flights online has been answered. They do. As such, mobile phones will undoubtedly play an increasingly important role in business aviation and I expect to see a growing number of bookings being made through smartphone apps. The challenge ahead is to improve business aviation’s online offering to be as seamless and transparent as the digital services provided by the rest of the travel industry.” 

The Avinode Group is exhibiting at Booth 4114 at the NBAA Convention and Exhibition in Orlando from October 16-18 2018.


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