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Series of senior hires showcases high-calibre tech talent at Avinode

18 Jan 2018

Business aviation technology company Avinode is announcing the latest in a series of tech-driven appointments to its senior leadership team over the past 12 months, with the latest promotion of Saskia de Jong to Director of Sales Americas.

Business aviation technology company Avinode is announcing the latest in a series of tech-driven appointments to its senior leadership team over the past 12 months, with the latest promotion of Saskia de Jong to Director of Sales Americas. 

De Jong, previously US Key Account Sales Manager, will be based at Avinode’s office in Miami. She joins a global senior leadership team which also includes Annika Abraham, who was herself promoted to Managing Director, EMEAA (Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia), Avinode, in 2017 after six years as CFO. 

Abraham says: “We are thrilled that Saskia has taken up this role, bringing her extensive knowledge and six years of experience of the Avinode platforms to the senior leadership team. This is a particularly exciting time for us as we continue to innovate new tools and products across the entire Avinode Group. Saskia will bring a wealth of insight and fresh ideas regarding the interplay between technology and sales to our growing team.” 

De Jong says: “Heading up the sales team at Avinode is a fantastic opportunity, and I am particularly pleased to have taken up this role considering Avinode’s commitment to seeking out and nurturing tech-driven talent. Pinpointing those with a strong background in tech, who understand our changing digital landscape, illustrates the forward-looking perspective that has propelled Avinode to becoming the technological forerunner in business air charter: an outlook which will continue to be reflected in the company’s products, client services and strategies, as well as in our workforce.” 

Also joining de Jong and Abraham in the senior management team is Alexandra MacRae, who spent six years working at the forefront of digital marketing before becoming Avinode’s Head of Marketing in July 2017. Other senior leadership appointments include Jenne Reed, who was appointed Senior Vice President, Commercial Development & Delivery in April 2017. Prior to Avinode, Reed developed innovative tech solutions for sales force automation at British Airways. 

The Avinode Group is further announcing the promotion of Oliver King to CEO. King holds a PhD in Economics, and joined Avinode in 2011 as Managing Director. He has global responsibility for the Group’s multi-platform technology, which consists of Avinode, SchedAero and PayNode. Previous CEO and Co-Founder Niklas Berg will be taking on an entrepreneurial ambassador role, seeking out new opportunities and ensuring the Avinode Group’s pre-eminence as the leading technology partner for the business air charter industry. 

As seen on BlueSky Business Aviation News.

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18 Jan 2018

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