Avinode Introduces Seasonal Pricing

21 Oct 2013

Starting in November, Avinode will introduce seasonal pricing options for all operators using Avinode Marketplace or SchedAero products.

“Over the last 12 months Avinode has made major improvements to our pricing engine as we work towards building a sourcing and reservation system the industry can rely on,” says Avinode MD, Oliver King. “We are delighted to announce that we are now adding the ability to set pricing by season, allowing operators to revenue manage their inventory.“

The latest improvements extend the capabilities of the Avinode Pricing Profile system, which was rolled out to members in this summer.

“We know that having accurate pricing that buyers can trust is a prerequisite for any distribution system,” say Per Marthinsson MD of Avinode Inc. “In the last 12 months we have seen requests grow by 50% in the United States with 7 out of 10 requests now being handled in the same day.”

The new profiles have already helped many member companies replicate their internal U.S. domestic pricing in the Marketplace, so Avinode can now calculate the actual price to a less than 5% margin of error.

The new Avinode Pricing Profiles allow members to mirror their in-house pricing with detailed, yet flexible, rule-based pricing. The system also gives members to ability to create multiple profiles for individual aircraft. This allows the system to automate pricing in search based on specific pricing agreements between members.

“Reservation systems have for decades allowed airlines to distribute different prices to different customers. Avinode has now bought this functionality to the charter industry,” says King.

Even companies with more complex pricing models have been able to create very precise Avinode approximations to their internal models with the new pricing system. Travel Management Company, out of Elkhart, Indiana, was one such company. Their proven pricing model has enabled the right price to be provided to customers based on availability and demand, but has been difficult for third party applications to replicate. The new pricing engine from Avinode now allows TMC to distribute the pricing they want to professional buyers worldwide via Avinode.

“Avinode is a very strong tool for us and it keeps getting better,” says Rich Brennan, Director of Sales at Travel Management Company. “We have a very unique pricing model so getting Avinode to create good calculations for our aircraft in search was quite difficult with the old pricing setup. Since the release of the new Pricing Profile system, the team has been involved every step of the way working on getting our pricing as precise as possible and on most routes we are now accurate to within only a few percent.”

Brennan explains that since they instituted the new pricing profiles on their fleet of 68 aircraft they’ve seen a real increase in requests from around the world.

“We’ve seen a lot of new customers coming to us through Avinode,” says Brennan. “European brokers, smaller brokers, and other companies we’ve never received calls from are coming in through Avinode requests.”

Avinode and SchedAero members wishing to take advantage of the new pricing capabilities should contact Avinode.

To test drive the new pricing system visit Avinode in booth N3921 at NBAA 2013.

About Avinode 
The Avinode Marketplace is the world’s leading tool for buying and selling air charter online. Over 6,000 aviation professionals use Avinode daily to buy and sell charter flights worldwide. More than, 3000 aircraft currently listed in the marketplace, which features online quoting, availability reports, integrated scheduling, empty leg reports, and safety data.

Corporate headquarters is in Gothenburg, Sweden with two sales offices in the Americas, Avinode Inc., in Miami, Florida, USA and Avinode Latin America in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. For more information, visit avinode.com.

About TMC
TMC, founded in 2006, is the largest privately owned, on demand private jets service for light and mid-size jet charter. TMC has a fleet size of Sixty Eight Hawker 400/800XP’s. The entire fleet of Hawker 800/850XP’s and 400XP’s all have WIFI. TMC provides point to point on demand pricing for the charter industry and holds the highest safety rating of Platinum, provide by AR/GUS as well as Wyvern Wingman. TMC is dedicated to providing its customers availability, customers service, and consistency at a competitive price. For more information about Travel Management, LTD please visit our website: www.tmcjets.com

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