2021 year in data

With a new year just around the corner, let’s take a look at what went on in 2021. To help us gain a perspective on some of the positive things that’s been going on, we consulted the data flowing through our platform.


Total trip search


Total number of accepted requests


Most requests in one day

8.068.308 searches made

The total amount of searches made in Avinode during 2021.


5.550.702 accepted requests

More than 930 companies accepted over five million requests during the year.


Top requested destinations

Use the toggle view to see most requested by airport, country or state.

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Busiest day of the year

On November 29th, we saw a high number of requests flowing through Avinode. On this day alone, 81.040 trips were requested.


Most popular aircraft types

The three most requested aircraft types in Avinode Marketplace during 2020.



The most requested aircraft type during 2021 was the Citation, a light business jet built by aircraft manufacturer Cessna.

Legacy 600

The second most requested aircraft was the Legacy 600, a super-midsize aircraft developed by aerospace manufacturer Embraer.


Phenom 300

The third most requested aircraft in 2021 was the Phenom 300, a light jet aircraft also developed by Embraer.

Welcome onboard!

To all the 389 companies that joined our network in 2021, most welcome onboard!


Better, quicker decisions with data

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Take a spin through the archive

In January we had a look at just a few of the weird, wonderful, evolutionary and revolutionary tech developments we expected to hear more about in 2020. Instead, the year offered some real turbulence in bizav. Scroll right and take a spin through the demand report archive.


Harry Clarke: “What demand to expect for the festive season?”

2021 has been another year of mixed fortunes for private charter. From the dark days of empty aircraft and very low hourly rates, we raced into record movements and a constrained supply environment leading to challenges sourcing aircraft. Relaxed travel restrictions meant that November saw impressive growth versus 2019 on both sides of the Atlantic, but as we step into Christmas, omicron worries bring fresh concerns. What does Avinode marketplace data indicate for the festive period?

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14 dec 2021

Creating greater trust and transparency between operators and brokers – Our vision for 2022

We’re about to close the book on 2021, but far from winding down, we know that for many of our members the peak season is just beginning. And for us, the work to provide an even better product and service never stops. As we look forward to 2022, we caught up with Per Marthinsson, our Chief Revenue Officer and co-founder. Per shared with us his hopes and plans for the year ahead and hinted at some of the exciting product changes coming from Avinode.

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02 dec 2021

How Avinode can help during supply & demand challenges

The surge in supply and demand challenges across various industries has been a global issue since the pandemic began and the business aviation industry has been one of the many affected. Avinode Group has seen a 125% increase in charter demands on the platform compared to before the pandemic.

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02 nov 2021

High demand and low supply = higher rates

Private charter is booming in Western markets as vaccine coverage increases and restrictions reduce. In this article I will delve into global pricing and demand patterns for the rest of the summer and early autumn, with particular focus on the USA and Europe.

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27 jul 2021

The US state of play

It’s fair to say that the aviation industry has been turned on its head over the past 18 months. As we start to see signs of recovery, we wanted to understand how things are in the sector. To do this, we caught up with our US colleagues on the ground and asked them to share their thoughts and experiences of how the market is responding, and what that means for their customers. Here’s how they see the current state of play.

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29 jun 2021

The demand trends of summer

The COVID-19 pandemic has now reached almost every corner of the globe. This analysis of demand data passing through the Avinode marketplace offers indications of how future demand patterns are evolving.

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27 may 2021

Emerging trends of 2021

As the private jet industry marks a year of navigating the pandemic, it is clear that “abnormal” trading conditions are going to stay with us for an extended period. How is the charter market evolving and what demand and pricing trends are emerging for the Spring?

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03 feb 2021