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Payment insights you need to know as an air charter professional

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Take a closer look at the risks of payment fraud and learn how effective solutions can help you to enhance security for payment processes. Download the white paper to learn 4 game-changing tactics for handling payments in your organization:


  • Up-to-date fraud & security solutions
  • Vetting of customers and transactions
  • Reconciliation of information
  • A partner that can handle high-value transactions

Stay ahead of the game with unique insights tailored for the private aviation industry

Common business challenges

Payments are at the core of business aviation. Here are some common challenges that both brokers and operators encounter in their day-to-day workflow. Whether you’re a charter broker or operator, this guide will help you understand the main challenges to address in your charter payment workflow. Read more


Facts that will intrigue you:

  • Credit card contracts
  • Wire fraud and credit card fraud
  • High-value and high-risk transactions

Trends affecting charter payments

In our rapidly evolving industry, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest trends so you and your business don’t get left behind. In this section, we’ll discuss the evolution of the charter payment experience and trends to keep an eye out for. Unlock all valuable insights. 


Insights you’ll find valuable:

  • Efficient payment processes
  • Simplified booking experience
  • Rise of fintech companies

How to handle your payment challenges

We know that air charter payments have high complexity, involving high-value and high-risk transactions. In this chapter, we’ll talk about what you can do as a charter operator or broker to get on top of your payments. Dive deeper.


Recommendations you’ll appreciate:

  • Find the right partner
  • Create more transparency
  • Incorporate automation

A payment solution tailored for air charter

Air charter brokers and operators face unique challenges when it comes to processing payments. That’s why Avinode Group created a payment solution to meet the unique needs of business aviation. We take security and compliance seriously and have built a trusted network where payments can flow freely, enabling you to seamlessly request and track payments with just a few clicks. Discover the full story.


Solutions you’ll love:

  • A streamlined solution
  • Everything in one place
  • Secure payments
BRENTON MELVILLE – Payment Specialist – Avinode Group

In our own journey to simplify payments within the industry, we have gained valuable insights into the common business challenges that exist around payments. This paper looks to summarize some of these industry-specific challenges, as well as provide insight into the current trends that are shaping the wider payments industry as a whole”, says Brenton Melville of Avinode Group