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14 Dec 2021

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What demand to expect for the festive season?

Avinode demand and pricing indications for Europe, Russia and the USA.
By Harry Clarke

2021 has been another year of mixed fortunes for private charter. From the dark days of empty aircraft and very low hourly rates, we raced into record movements and a constrained supply environment leading to challenges sourcing aircraft. Relaxed travel restrictions meant that November saw impressive growth versus 2019 on both sides of the Atlantic, but as we step into Christmas, omicron worries bring fresh concerns. What does Avinode marketplace data indicate for the festive period?

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02 Dec 2021

Avinode , Avinode Group , Noders , The Node

Adrian Stopp - Ensuring our tech experts can focus on what they do best

When you have a team who are exceptional at their job, they need a manger who can take care of business around them so they’re free to do what they do best. For our tech team, Engineering Manager, Adrian Stopp, is that person. We caught up with Adrian to talk about having the right skills for the right job, why trust is so important at Avinode and why the recruitment drive never stops.

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02 Dec 2021

Avinode , Avinode Group , The Node

Creating greater trust and transparency between operators and brokers – our vision for 2022

We’re about to close the book on 2021, but far from winding down, we know that for many of our members the peak season is just beginning. And for us, the work to provide an even better product and service never stops. As we look forward to 2022, we caught up with Per Marthinsson, our Chief Revenue Officer and co-founder. Per shared with us his hopes and plans for the year ahead and hinted at some of the exciting product changes coming from Avinode.

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02 Nov 2021

Avinode , Avinode Group , COVID-19 , The Node

How Avinode can help during supply & demand challenges

The surge in supply and demand challenges across various industries has been a global issue since the pandemic began and the business aviation industry has been one of the many affected. Avinode Group has seen a 125% increase in charter demands on the platform compared to before the pandemic.

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