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Itziar Canelas - The onboarding specialist who loves problem-solving

When you spend time with customers you come to understand the problems they face. And if you’re anything like Itziar Canelas, you can’t help but want to play your part in finding solutions. We caught up with Itziar to talk about the many strands to her role as a Customer Onboarding Specialist, how the peak of the COVID disruption was anything but a quiet time for her, and the benefits of having lived in Latin America.

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The noders

Gunilla Perry – Ensuring everything works exactly as it should

Our testers play a vital role in delivering outstanding products that keep our customers flying. Test Lead, Gunilla Perry, is one of those stars. Here she tells us how an Agile approach benefits the whole business, the importance of working with respect for your colleagues and what makes Sweden so special in the summer.

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28 Jul 2021

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Marine Tirand - Finding ways to be the voice of the customer

If aviation is the ultimate celebration of freedom and adventure, then our Product Owner, Marine Tirand, is the living embodiment of that. We caught up with her to talk about the thrill of embracing new opportunities, what it means to be the voice of the customer, and the culture shock of trading the French Riviera for Sweden.

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27 Jul 2021

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High demand and low supply = higher rates

Private charter is booming in Western markets as vaccine coverage increases and restrictions reduce. In this article I will delve into global pricing and demand patterns for the rest of the summer and early autumn, with particular focus on the USA and Europe.

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