Keep your funds flowing despite the holidays

Working with time-sensitive trips during the holiday season can be extra challenging because of the bank holidays. Don’t worry, Paynode helps you avoid the stress of scheduling transfers.

Making payments during the holiday season

As we approach the holiday season and look forward to celebrating with family and friends, we want to highlight some dates that may affect your payments.

The good news is that Paynode lets you make and receive instant payments any day and time of the year since these are not affected by banking hours or holidays. Payments made by wire transfer and credit card may be affected by the holidays.

We’ve listed the coming public holiday dates that you need to consider.


The full list of bank holidays

In our Academy articles, you can always find the full-year list of holidays to consider, updated regularly across the year.

Public & Bank Holidays 2023

Public & Bank Holidays 2024

Tips & tricks for the year-end

Get your balances and statements for 2023
It’s easy to get your year-end balance and account statements for Paynode downloaded and printed when logged into your Paynode account.

In Paynode, click on the Finance tab – Accounts.

On the Statement section, simply choose the date (2023-12-31) and the currency you need and download the statement.


Less work and more flow in your finances

Want to ensure smooth payments across the upcoming holidays? Book a meeting with our payment team, and we will help you get settled with a hassle-free payment workflow.

We have several new features and functionalities that we would love to show you! To mention a few, there’s now an easier way to match payments with trips, financial reporting tools to support your finance team, and better notifications for payment statuses on wires.

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