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  1. We will grow our impact on Business Aviation as we are moving to CAMP Systems International Inc

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    World Kinect Corporation has announced an agreement to sell its portfolio of aviation software products catering to Air Charter and FBO operations to CAMP System International Inc., which includes Avinode Group.

    The closing of the transaction is subject to customary closing conditions, including regulatory approaches, and is expected to be completed in the next 60 days.

    This acquisition will allow Avinode Group and CAMP Systems to further invest in building great software products and services for our customers and the business aviation industry and drive the evolution towards seamless workflows.

     “We are excited to partner with the Avinode Group and FBO team. Both organizations have a strong track record of delivering innovative, market-leading products. This represents a complementary extension of our business and platform to bring exciting new opportunities to the market and better serve our expanding customer base.” said Sean Lanagan, President and Chief Executive Officer, CAMP Systems.

    Oliver King, Chief Executive Officer of the Avinode Group, added, “CAMP Systems International is a highly respected aviation software and marketplace provider. We are excited about the possibilities the partnership between our companies will bring to our customers. We thank World Kinect Corporation for the continuous support and our ongoing relationship.“

    Our members and partners can expect uninterrupted service and support during this transition. Avinode Group will continue to operate as a stand-alone brand. Avinode Group Employees and the Management team will continue in their current roles and positions.

    For media inquiries, please contact
    [email protected]

    About Camp Systems International Inc
    CAMP Systems International Inc. is the premier aircraft health management and enterprise information systems provider in business aviation and provides maintenance tracking services for nearly 20,000 aircraft and engine health monitoring for over 30,000 engines. Its software solutions support over 1,500 service center and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) organizations.

    About Avinode Group
    Avinode Group offers a fully connected suite of essential software to support Business Aviation professionals through the full supply chain of managing, sourcing, booking, and paying for aircraft.
    Founded in the heart of Scandinavia in 2002, the Avinode Group has more than 1800 members globally and a team spread across Europe, the US, and Australia to provide their members with the best support possible.

  2. The 3 key benefits of software integrations in air charter.

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    Data is at the heart of making a business aviation trip come together, and we’re passionate about bringing solutions to our members that ensure the data can flow seamlessly. I’ve identified three essential benefits with integrations between your business aviation software to help you and your team be more successful.

    Software integrations make it easier to communicate with your team.

    1. A closed loop for your trip data.

    Reducing the number of third-party software you use is difficult, considering that business aviation companies often use many tools to handle different aspects of making a trip come together.

    It’s different tools for marketing, operations, payments, and logistics to mention a few. Keeping your teams updated with all the latest information about a trip is challenging when data is held in different places.

    Discussing integrations between your systems with your software provider is crucial. When your systems “talk” to each other, it changes the game of keeping everyone in your organization informed about the latest status of a trip. You can reach a new level of efficiency!

    2. Create a unique customer experience.

    Most software providers, including us, provide integrations with other commonly used tools in the same field. These plug-and-play solutions are a great way to be quickly up and running with time-saving solutions.

    An customer-facing application built with Avinode APIs.

    Using one of our ready-made integrations is an easy way to speed up your workflow, and create a seamless experience for your customer. Building a custom solution with our APIs, however, requires more from you to build a secure and stable solution. Still, if you have those capabilities, it opens up many opportunities to build a unique experience for your customers or your internal teams.

    3. Handling customer data in a secure way.

    We know that our members are increasingly aware of security risks when handling sensitive data. Cybercriminals today are more sophisticated than before, and a weak link in your workflow can be when sharing data with third-party software.

    An excellent way to mitigate this risk is to ensure your third-party tools are connected and can work together. In dialogue with other software providers, we set requirements on each integration we build to make it as secure as possible.

    As a final note, I encourage all of our members to explore the new technologies that are emerging. This is an exciting field and developments happen quickly. We see more and more use cases emerging where artificial intelligence is being leveraged in our industry, for example to help clients in the initial phase of scheduling a trip. However, business and private aviation is a high-touch industry founded on human relationships that technology will have a hard time replacing.

    Nevertheless, creating a smoother charter workflow, with robust integrations and automation, can make a huge difference in efficiency and security and give you more time to spend on your customer relationships.

    Leverage your own data!

    Data is at the heart of everything we do. We turn data into essential knowledge – knowledge that can then be translated directly into results.

    As well as using it to create our suite of tools, we’re happy to give our customers the direct benefit of working with our database. Find out how our APIs can be used to incorporate all our data into your own digital platforms, or utilize our web apps for a simple, off-the-shelf solution to get more leads.

    As well as offering integrations with many Flight Management Systems, operators working with our flight operations software, Schedaero, get a variety of ready-to-go integrations already from start.

  3. 3 charter trends from 2023 to watch

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    By Harry Clarke, Head of Insight & Analytics

    To spot the most interesting trends from 2023, I looked a bit deeper into sourcing and pricing trends that can help operators and brokers make more data-driven decisions for their business in 2024.

    Aircraft lifespan is growing

    As every year, new aircraft are constantly added to Avinode. However, we hear from operators that older aircraft are still highly requested. Avinode data on charter activity in Europe, the US, and Canada confirms this, showing the continuing value of older aircraft in all markets, with a slightly younger fleet in Europe.

    In the below graph, we can see that aircraft that are 25 years or older got more Avinode requests in recent years, suggesting that older aircraft have a longer lifespan than before.

    With increasing costs for charter in general and increasing rates, maybe an older aircraft is a more attractive choice for charter? Has COVID-19 led to a more price-conscious client group entering the market? It could also be a result of the ongoing aircraft shortage, predicted to continue until 2026 according to SMBC Aviation Capital. These are trends to consider for any operator looking to add to their fleet.

    Going back to normal lead times

    As we’ve reported previously, the global pandemic led charter brokers to request trips with a much shorter notice. Avinode data for 2023 now shows that charter clients plan their trips further in advance, resulting in longer notice for the operator scheduling the trip. We are clearly on the way back to pre-pandemic levels with lead times averaging at around 25 days in 2023, thanks to an increase in trips being planned much further in advance.

    For heavy jets, there was a more dramatic drop in lead times in 2020 compared to other aircraft categories, and a slightly slower return. Charter sales teams that are used to a large proportion of last minute demand should consider this trend in their planning for 2024 as it might require a change in behavior.

    2023 charter rates are flat

    Charter rates decreased in the first half of 2023, having been elevated for about a year. With higher rates during the autumn and winter, the year ended up almost flat. This trend is the same across different aircraft types.

    In Europe, we can however see a slight seasonal increase during the summer of 2023, while the US prices stayed lower throughout the year. Both markets ended the year on a higher note.

    What will be fueling the trends in 2024?

    In our conversations with members we learn a lot about the market developments that are affecting their business. With our data, we can provide an extra layer of insights that help our member make the right decisions. How will new demand, fuel prices, FBO costs and jet cards affect the charter rates moving forward? In the end, it’s when we meet members and industry peers to discuss these market developments and our different perspectives that we can draw conclusions together.

    We can’t wait to see where this takes us in 2024!

    Stay on top of charter trends with our reports.

    Stay informed with the latest insights into Avinode demand and charter rates. In our Buinsess IQ webshop you can find just the right report, or order a custom report, to fuel your next important decision.

    Purchase and download here

  4. Year in review: The time-saving updates you don’t want to miss.

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    We’re thankful and proud that so many of our members have dedicated time and effort to partner with us in our product development during 2023. Getting this input is essential to build solutions that create success for operators and brokers worldwide.

    This collaboration has resulted in a tonne of useful features and solutions on our platforms. Let’s look back at some of the key updates we made this year that create new efficiencies for operators’ and brokers’ different teams.

    We’ve continued building on smoother payment workflows, particularly for users on finance teams. The ability to automatically match funds with trips in Avinode has been highly requested and now creates a seamless connection between incoming transactions and open payment requests. Keeping books up to date is easier with our QuickBooks Online integration!

    Charter sales teams have more ways to create a five-star customer experience and reduce the steps in their sales workflows with the ability to offer the customer multiple payment options in one payment request, allowing their clients to select how they prefer to pay for the trip.

    Working on the go in Avinode’s iOS app is easier than ever! When sourcing aircraft, you can easily toggle between arrival or departure and UTC or local time. You can rerun a search, a real time-saver when you need more options. In Trips Selling, we added an action indicator to highlight the row needing your attention, and the notifications are updated with reminders.

    Operators and their dispatch teams have also seen several updates that make trip scheduling smoother. The Avinode schedule page got a make-over to improve usability. We introduced important integrations to other flight operations software used by US operators such as ForeFlight and Traxxall, making it easier to stay on top of scheduling issues.

    For pilots and crew using the Schedaero iOS crew app, a major update and improvement has been the possibility of flight logging in the air without an internet connection. It’s also easier to keep track of flight changes in the crew app notifications center, where all trip updates can be easily reviewed in one place.

    We hope you and your colleagues can find some quiet time during the end of the year to try out these time-saving updates and start the new year in a strong position!

    All our release notes in one place!

    Keep track of all the latest updates for Avinode Group solutions by following our release notes here!

  5. 3 lifehacks to make your charter sales ready for the beach season

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    We know it can be challenging for charter sales teams to balance their workload during the high-demand season and still give your customers that five-star experience that they expect.

    The summer season is also the time of year that puts more pressure on finance teams to stay on top of reporting and payments. With a smaller team in place due to vacations, you may need to hire temp staff, and it can be difficult to stay on top of your regular administrative routines.

    This is our best advice to keep your charter sales in shape and your team within their comfort zone during the high-demand season.

    1) Get on top of your pricing

    Creating seasonal pricing profiles is always a good idea, allowing you to proactively manage your incoming demand. You can create profiles for a certain time period, or for specific customers. For more flexibility, you can add an urgent rate for any request for a flight departing within 65 hours. Learn more in this article about the tools available in Avinode for managing your pricing.

    2) Set rules to manage aircraft availability

    In Avinode you have multiple tools available to manage your aircraft availability. You can give time back to your charter sales team by adding aircraft and account rules to help the team focus on trips they want to service and support.

    If you no longer want to sell transient availability or you want to block trips during a certain period, our aircraft and account rules, as well as the TakeOffReady feature, are your helping hand. Learn more about all these tools in this article.

    3) Stay vigilant of scammers

    The summer season in combination with an economic downturn means a general uptick in fraudulent activity. Training your ordinary and temp staff on the most common financial scams and phishing techniques is a good way to protect your customer data and reduce the risk of financial fraud.

    Read up on the best and most up-to-date payment fraud trends for protecting your funds no matter if you accept payments via credit card, wire transfers, or digital payment methods.

    Download our white paper ”Why payments matter” to learn more about the most common trends and solutions in digital payments, and how you can increase payment security.

  6. Creating greater trust and transparency between operators and brokers – our vision for 2022

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    Hi, Per. Tell us about your vision for Avinode in 2022

    Quite simply, our vision is to offer greater transparency and increased trust between operators and brokers in the marketplace.

    Key to achieving this is setting the right expectations in terms of the price for a trip. By doing this, a buyer can feel confident they’re seeing a reliable price estimate when searching for an aircraft and the seller can reply with a quote at the click of a button.

    In our experience, this transparency is what builds strong and long-lasting relationships between our members. In 2022, I look forward to us making a step change and getting even closer to realising our vision. I’m really excited about the future.

    And what, in your opinion, is the biggest challenge in the business aviation sector right now?

    In the wake of the global pandemic, we’ve seen a 125% surge in charter trips requested in Avinode. With that comes increased charter prices, ranging from a 2% increase in Europe to a 12% increase in the Americas.

    This makes it an incredibly challenging market situation for operators and brokers.

    High demand and low supply – just like in many other industries worldwide – puts extra strain on relationships between buyers and sellers. That’s why setting the right expectations from the outset is more important than ever.

    How is Avinode working to make a positive change for the sector?

    One of Avinode’s real strengths – and a reason the platform was ground-breaking from the beginning – is its pricing engine. By using an advanced set of calculations and data models, operators can build up their pricing using a multitude of pricing parameters.

    In terms of change, we’ve focused on how to improve the price estimate of the listed aircraft in Avinode. The estimated price gives buyers a better idea of the final price. We’re shortly making the transition to present the estimate as the only price shown when searching for an aircraft. We believe this will impact the relationships in the marketplace in a really positive way.

    Given that pricing is such a core feature of Avinode, what has the process been to making these changes?

    We’ve been working in close collaboration with our members for the past 18 months to understand how we can create better transparency. This has made it possible to present much more reliable price estimates in our search results.

    Our operator members have all the tools needed to build a very reliable price, and many of them have already embraced this change as an opportunity.

    And finally, what are you hoping to see as a result of these improvements?

    I’m very confident that we’ll see operators save time in the quoting process, and brokers will be able to search and find a reliable price for a trip faster. The process to source an aircraft becomes more efficient, as fewer requests can be sent for each trip.

    Ultimately, this is another example of how we’re constantly evolving Avinode to make life easier for our members and help them to run their businesses more effectively.