Automated passenger vetting: Ensuring compliant and streamlined operations.

31 May 2024

In business aviation, regulatory compliance is crucial not only for avoiding fines or penalties but also for ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for your passengers and crew. Automating your compliance tasks can help you increase efficiency and ensure customer satisfaction.

A smooth and automated operational workflow helps you stay compliant with regulations and avoid customer service disruptions. The short booking lead times in our industry, make it even more important to perform compliance tasks quickly and accurately.

We take data security seriously and have been diligently working to help our members move away from any manual work and double-entry of passenger data. That’s why we’ve introduced automated passenger vetting in Schedaero, our cloud-based flight operations platform. With this solution, it’s easier for operators to stay compliant with flight regulations and keep passenger data safe.

Alex Hanrahan, Product Manager, says “We’ve been in close collaboration with TSA and DHS throughout the process to create a solution that keeps operators compliant with passenger vetting regulations without the manual work. We also support our members throughout the process to ensure that they are set up with the right information needed to get started.”

Our integration allows operators to automatically transmit any passenger added to the flight manifest, assuming it is within 72 hours of the flight and all required information is saved. The passenger’s status is automatically updated across Schedaero and the Crew App to ensure everyone on your team is informed.

Our customer support team is here to help you take advantage of the automation and get set up with the right information in Schedaero!


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