Optimize your flight planning with Schedaero’s integrations

24 Nov 2023

Would you like to save time for your charter operations team and ensure all your flight planning tools are connected? Explore the benefits of Schedaero’s many seamless integrations with the most common flight planning software.

The day-to-day of charter operations usually means working in several different systems to manage your schedule, crew, and passenger information. More and more operators in the US and Americas are now discovering the advantages of Schedaero’s seamless integrations. We talked to Adrian Casillas on our US-based Customer Success team to learn more about how these integrations save time and increase efficiency.

What are the advantages of using integrations for operators?

It’s all about avoiding double-entry and ensuring your information is up to date where it needs to be! For our American operators that use ForeFlight Dispatch as part of their flight planning, integrating it with Schedaero is really a time-saver! It’s a great way to ensure pilots and crew are always up to date with the latest changes. The end goal is to ensure you get the full value of both Schedaero and ForeFlight and it ensures higher accuracy in both systems.

How does it work?

The ForeFlight Dispatch integration automatically sends your scheduled flights in Schedaero to ForeFlight and any changes to the itinerary, crew, passengers, or dates are automatically updated, eliminating the need for double-entry. All our ready-made integrations work in a similar way, ensuring the systems are instantly updated with any changes.

How can Schedaero members get started using it?

It’s easy to get started on your own in Schedaero’s integration settings. You don’t need any training, but our team is always here to guide you if necessary. With access to your Schedaero and ForeFlight Dispatch settings you are able to generate an API key, implement data settings, and map your aircraft. After this you are ready to save time and reduce double entry!

About Schedaero’s APIs and integrations

Boost your productivity with our open APIs and our ready-made integrations with Schedaero. Have a tool your business relies on, but you don’t see it here? Get in touch with us and we can look into configuring an integration.

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