The technology challenges and opportunities in business aviation

31 Oct 2023

In this article, you will hear Per Marthinsson dive into the challenges but also the exciting initiatives that promise to shape the next chapter of technology for business aviation.

In business aviation, only a few companies can genuinely claim to have been disruptive by introducing products or services that have fundamentally transformed the way we operate within our industry. Is Avinode Group among these groundbreaking companies? Some might argue in favor of that, and over the course of our 20-year journey, we’ve witnessed substantial changes, which have made digitalization no longer a distant dream.

We have been fortunate to become an essential part of our members’ day-to-day operations, and we are not prepared to rest on our laurels or decelerate. As the landscape continues to evolve with the emergence of new players, new technology, and shifting customer expectations, we anticipate an exciting future. We are committed to accelerating our own evolution to consistently meet the demands of operators and brokers.

Facing the latest trends

The development of aircraft technology has been slow over the past two decades, while the growth of the internet and digital solutions has been mind-blowing. Today, we carry high-speed internet in our pockets, a reality that seemed inconceivable when Avinode was founded in 2002. This rapid evolution shows no sign of slowing down. New challenges will inevitably arise, and we must adapt and meet them with new solutions.

In our industry, we’re all familiar with the buzzwords, with various companies pledging to provide solutions that better utilize empty legs or make private jets as accessible as an Uber car. Frequently, these buzzwords are used to attract end clients. However, behind the scenes, these solutions often rely on significant manual labor, giving the illusion of automated and seamless workflows.

Collaborating with customers to drive change

We want to partner with brokers and operators to be part of the next wave of disruption in our industry. We see our customers being challenged with numerous inefficiencies, with emails and SMS serving as the primary means of communication between operators, brokers, and clients. The constant back-and-forth communication required for booking a charter flight in our industry is still an issue. Given the increasing significance of data security and privacy, we acknowledge the need for change.

Our vision for booking a charter flight involves instant online access to information and documents, ultimately eliminating this issue and providing all parties access to the same information.

Facilitating seamless integrations

In the future, connectivity is imperative. We observe a growing interest among our customers in achieving connectivity across all their software solutions, and they are eager to understand how to leverage APIs. Our systems receive millions of API calls ona weekly basis from third-party solutions, and it is on the rise. Ensuring that your software provider follows an open API philosophy and that you retain ownership of your data will be crucial.

Following the consumer trends

To predict the future, let’s begin by looking at ourselves. As consumers, our expectations continue to rise. We perpetually seek new and enhanced purchasing experiences, and we want them quickly. Consumers are influenced by their experiences in other domains, whether at a coffee shop or online. Your clients will expect a technology-supported yet human-centric experience, and they will expect access to information exactly at the right moment.

At Avinode Group, we are not idling while waiting for the next disruptive solution to emerge. Together with operators and brokers, we will continue to be the change-makers of today, creating services and experiences that move our industry forward.


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