NodeTalks: The future of online booking in air charter

31 Aug 2023

Listen to Anna Kvernplassen, Lead Product Manager of Avinode Group, explain why the future of charter sales is in simplifying and upgrading the booking experience.

In this video from our recent NodeTalk presentations at EBACE 2023, Anna explains the background and insights that motivates us to build an upgraded online booking solution:

“Back in the day when Avinode was founded, we made a big impact by bringing the sourcing aspect of business aviation online. Today, we see that purchasing patterns are increasingly online, and we can see in our data that this is also true for buying private air charter. We’re now building a solution to make this process a lot easier for operators and brokers.”

About Anna

Anna is Lead Product Manager of Avinode Group and based in Gothenburg, Sweden. With a background in different tech scale-ups she knows exactly what is needed to expand our product team and create a strong company culture. Her free time is the perfect mix of family life, wine and dine, concerts and tattoos.


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