A payment process that charter companies rely on

29 Aug 2023

Evelyn Franco is one of our key people on the payments team as Payment Operations Specialist. She has a special understanding for the challenges operators and brokers meet in payments, with her long experience in aviation and finance.

In what way is trust an issue for our members?

Trusting new partners can be tricky in this industry since doing business with a new broker or operator means you have no prior relationship or built-up trust to lean on. Operators and brokers all care about building long-lasting relationships but there’s not always time for that. Charter trips are both high-value and time-sensitive. We know that 32% of charter trips in 2022 were booked within 72 hours of departure. That’s why we need to make sure that everyone involved in booking a trip can rely on the process.

How do you help our customers reduce friction in their payment processes?

I work closely with finance teams and business owners to help manage their payment workflows. We all know that even between legitimate and trustworthy companies there can be hickups in the process of booking and paying for a trip. There can be an issue with the aircraft or an issue when processing a payment. It feels really great when I can be there for them and help them through such issues, and make the process smoother.

How does our workflow increase trust between members?

To be honest, you don’t need to worry about trusting a partner anymore. That’s what we are here for! One of the big benefits is that our members all go through the same vetting process, making sure that they only deal with legitimate companies with a good track record.

With our solution, they get processes and the technology that protects them from issues with fraud, chargebacks, and slow payments. We’re also a dedicated team that guides our members through some of those tricky moments, like processing a refund, which makes a difference also for the end customer.

Helping to make some of those key interactions with the end customers easier and with less friction, is where I think we build trust in the business aviation industry.

What are some of the results our customers can see?

Although the number of members and transactions in Paynode has grown rapidly recently, we can see that the number of refunds and disputes we process is at a consistently low level. It feels great to know that our solution works and helps our members avoid issues.

How we’re building a serious network

Since we have a payment solution integrated in our Avinode Group offer, successfully completing the vetting process is a prerequisite for all new members of our payment solution.

This process is a regulatory and legal requirement any time a new bank account, money transfer process or card processing account is set up. It is one of many steps we take, together with our payment solution providers, to ensure against money laundering, the funding of terrorism, fraud, and the illegal transfer of funds.

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