3 lifehacks to make your charter sales ready for the beach season

29 Jun 2023

During the busy summer season, we know that keeping your charter sales inbox in shape can be overwhelming. You want to focus on high-quality requests and avoid unnecessary work. Keep these three things in mind as you dive into the summer season!

We know it can be challenging for charter sales teams to balance their workload during the high-demand season and still give your customers that five-star experience that they expect.

The summer season is also the time of year that puts more pressure on finance teams to stay on top of reporting and payments. With a smaller team in place due to vacations, you may need to hire temp staff, and it can be difficult to stay on top of your regular administrative routines.

This is our best advice to keep your charter sales in shape and your team within their comfort zone during the high-demand season.

1) Get on top of your pricing

Creating seasonal pricing profiles is always a good idea, allowing you to proactively manage your incoming demand. You can create profiles for a certain time period, or for specific customers. For more flexibility, you can add an urgent rate for any request for a flight departing within 65 hours. Learn more in this article about the tools available in Avinode for managing your pricing.

2) Set rules to manage aircraft availability

In Avinode you have multiple tools available to manage your aircraft availability. You can give time back to your charter sales team by adding aircraft and account rules to help the team focus on trips they want to service and support.

If you no longer want to sell transient availability or you want to block trips during a certain period, our aircraft and account rules, as well as the TakeOffReady feature, are your helping hand. Learn more about all these tools in this article.

3) Stay vigilant of scammers

The summer season in combination with an economic downturn means a general uptick in fraudulent activity. Training your ordinary and temp staff on the most common financial scams and phishing techniques is a good way to protect your customer data and reduce the risk of financial fraud.

Read up on the best and most up-to-date payment fraud trends for protecting your funds no matter if you accept payments via credit card, wire transfers, or digital payment methods.

Download our white paper ”Why payments matter” to learn more about the most common trends and solutions in digital payments, and how you can increase payment security.

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