The secrets to a best-in-class Charter Workflow Solution

29 Jun 2023

We had a chat with Adrian Casillas, Customer Success Manager on our flight operations team, to find out exactly what makes Avinode Group's essentials the top workflow solution for charter operators.

Drawing from my own industry experience, I am aware of the pain points of working in air charter. I also talk to customers every single day, helping them optimize their work and reduce manual tasks. The beauty of our integrated solutions is that they give our users better visibility of tasks, and they make sure the right people get notified at the right time. That’s what brings operators a greater sense of peace of mind.

One family of air charter essentials

Now, when it comes to the complete workflow integrations between Avinode, Paynode, and our fleet management system, Schedaero, it’s a game-changer. This dynamic trio takes a holistic approach to charter sales and makes life so much easier for our customers. But, here’s the thing, there are plenty of features and integrations within our workflow that you might not even know about. Trust me, these little gems can save you a ton of time.

Time-saving integrations

Let me give you an example of time-savers: the maintenance integrations in Schedaero. Our brand-new Aircraft Status Dashboard gives you a bird’s-eye view of your aircraft based on info from your CAMP or Traxxall integration. It’s like having your own personal assistant, keeping you on top of things.

The payment workflow for a trip is another example where being on board Paynode makes a huge difference. You’ll get notifications galore! Our fresh online booking workflow brings all our solutions together, making it a breeze to track whether the customer confirmed the trip and made the payment — all in one sweet spot.

Feedback makes us better together

Our customers are totally engaged with our solutions, and they always have a ton of feedback. You know what? I absolutely love hearing their honest thoughts because our solutions are the backbone of their work and their ticket to success. As part of the customer success team, my goal is to arm our customers with the right tools and knowledge to achieve their goals.

Working for Avinode Group makes me proud because I’m making it happen!

Avinode Group has been honored with the title of “Most Promising Workflow Solutions Provider 2023” by CIO Review. The recognition underscores our commitment to delivering innovative workflow solutions that streamline flight operations and enhance efficiency for air charter operators.


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