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A new must-read white paper on payments for everyone in air charter just released.

02 May 2023

Today, the team at Avinode Group is happy to announce the release of a new white paper, "Why payments matter in air charter." The white paper is designed to provide brokers and operators with insights into the challenges, trends, and solutions unique to the business aviation sector, with the aim of helping them navigate the payment space and find the best payment solutions for their businesses.

As a result of our efforts to simplify payments within the industry, we have gained valuable insights into the common business challenges that exist around payments today. The white paper covers a range of topics, including compliance, wire and card fraud, hidden fees, unclear costs, and ad hoc flights, providing a comprehensive overview of the business challenges facing business aviation.

In addition, the white paper delves into some of the most interesting trends that are affecting charter payments, with digital payment solutions emerging as disruptors in the traditional payments sector.

According to Brenton Melville, spokesperson for Avinode Group, “We also put together some ideas and thoughts for what to consider when planning charter booking and payment processes today. We hope to help brokers and operators to find good solutions to their payment challenges that are not only safe and secure but also lead to a more efficient and streamlined way of working.”

Dealing with last-minute, high-value and international transactions adds to the complexity of air charter payments. Avinode data shows that 72% of charter inquiries to operators in Europe come from international companies, and as much as 31% of charter flights globally were requested within 72 hours of departure in 2022 and 2023.

We believe the white paper is a must-read for anyone in the air charter industry and our goal is to provide valuable insights and actionable solutions to common payment challenges across the industry.

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23 May 2023

Avinode Group shares their vision of a new booking experience for air charter.

The Avinode Group team is dedicating their EBACE attendance this year to unboxing the vision for a completely new booking experience, set to simplify and improve the interactions between operators, brokers and end clients in a world where customer relationships are increasingly built and maintained online.

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28 Apr 2023

Avinode Group: Unboxing a new experience at EBACE 2023.

The Avinode Group team is excited to announce the participation in this year’s EBACE exhibition with a completely new booth (F62), designed for an interactive and educational experience. Visitors will be met by engaging educational content and presentations of Avinode Group’s latest solutions for business aviation professionals and our vision for the future.

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18 Oct 2022

World’s first Frustration Booth to be hosted at NBAA 2022

Ever felt like your emotional pot is about to boil over? Had those days when even the smallest mishap makes you want to scream out loud? If so, you will want to visit Avinode Group’s Frustration Booth at NBAA 2022. The booth is designed for you to release all your aviation frustration – and leave it there.

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