Jake Leggett – Setting customers on the right path to getting the most out of Schedaero

31 Aug 2022

As a Customer Activation Marketer, Jake Leggett’s job is to bring our customers and the Schedaero product closer together. Luckily, he’s an expert in creating onboarding journeys that do just that. We caught up with Jake to see how easy it has been to settle into Avinode when working remotely, how he unwinds outside of work, and the opportunity to make a difference to our customers that he’s most excited about.

You’ve been with the business since January 2022, Jake. How have you found it?

I’m really enjoying it. There’s a great culture here, which is one of the main reasons why I
joined Avinode. I had a good feeling during the interview process that this would be a
supportive place to work and that’s definitely been the case.

In my previous role, I was the first remote worker in the company, so there wasn’t a lot of
support for me. But Avinode has totally committed to remote working, which has made it very
easy to integrate. From day one I had all the equipment I needed to work and connect with
my colleagues.

Is this your first role in the aviation industry?

Yes, it is. Previously, I worked in the retail sector. I got into the customer success side of
tech straight out of college before moving into the marketing side of things. So, although I
had no aviation experience, I know all about the customer.

As a Customer Activation Marketer, what does a typical day entail?

The majority of my time is spent building automated journeys that help onboard
customers and get them engaged with our products.

There’s an extended team that I work closely with – the customer success managers, the
account managers, and others – to gather and implement customer feedback. The goal is to
find ways to better educate customers and help them make the most of Schedaero so issues
don’t arise.

And you work solely on Schedaero?

Not exclusively, no. My core role is around Schedaero but I occasionally support the other
teams with their marketing operations. That can include helping set up or review their
automated journeys or getting customers into lists that we need to send to.

You’re based in the US, but a lot of your colleagues are in Sweden

That’s right. I’m in Ohio and we’re six hours apart, but we just make it work. We get plenty of
time to connect and get to know each other. I’ll get out to Sweden soon enough though. With
some of the new travel plans that are coming I can’t wait to meet the team in person.

Ohio is a beautiful place. What do you like to do outside of work?

My partner and I have a young son, so he keeps us pretty busy. But we love hiking and bike
rides, and enjoying the nature around Ohio – there are lots of trails and national parks to

I really enjoy doing things around the house too. I always have a project on the go and you’ll
find me outside, mowing the lawn and things like that. Then there’s my car, a Honda Civic
SI, which I love modifying. I’ve had it for about two and a half years and it’s a lot different
now from when I bought it.

Going back to your role, what is the biggest challenge you face moving forward?

For Schedaero, we’ve essentially restructured the entire business from the customer
success side, and the sales side, and I’ve done a lot of different things on the marketing side. So,
right now, the challenge is how we scale all of that.

As a team, we have so many ideas for what we’d like to do but because of the way the
business used to be, we don’t have all the support needed in different areas. But we’re
getting there. Right now we’re catching up on our tech stack and building more resources for
our data that will help us better optimize the journeys we have running.

Basically, the opportunity is to find creative ways to use what we have now to engage
customers and implement new technology and data to better optimize in the future. Meeting
those challenges will launch us into a much better spot with our customers.

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