Jesper Kragelund – 20 years of optimizing sales and operations

20 Jun 2022

North Flying was the 1st customer to join Avinode in early 2002. After 20 years of building a global network through Avinode, they're well-equipped for facing any future challenges of the business aviation industry. Jesper Kragelund is Sales Manager with North Flying.

How has working with Avinode impacted your business? 

“Through the years, our cooperation with Avinode has made a huge positive impact on our business and daily work. First of all, we have gained customers from all over the world. These customers would, most likely, never have found North Flying in Aalborg,  Denmark, without the Avinode platform. And we’re still finding new contacts via the Avinode network today.

Our sales and operation staff has saved a lot of man hours by optimizing our fleet, prices and transient aircraft around Europe through the system.”

Can you mention a favourite moment from your time with Avinode? 

“We have many favorite moments with the Avinode team, such as the outstanding parties at Avinode Academy and many late nights with the team in Geneva.

On a more professional note, we really value the recent introduction of Paynode. Being part of the Paynode network makes it so much easier to get paid from overseas in due time before a flight. We’re happy to see that more and more of our clients are starting to use Paynode.”

Looking 20 years ahead, what do you predict will have the largest impact on your business?

“We expect to face some challenges with the green transition that is happening in aviation. It will surely have an impact on our common business. Not to mention the introduction and possibilities of BIO fuel.

We’re looking forward to another 20 great years with the Avinode team!”


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20 Jun 2022


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