Vladimir Bogaychuk – How Paynode brings speed to the fast-moving world of business aviation.

17 May 2022

When time is of the essence, nothing is better than instant. That’s the view of Vladimir Bogaychuk, Sales Consultant at CTR Atmospherica Aviation and Paynode user. We caught up with Vladimir to talk about the value of being able to make instant payments, why he thinks other brokers should get on board with Paynode, and how we can make the platform even better in the future.

Hi, Vladimir. Tell us about CTR Atmospherica Aviation
Well, we’re a Prague-based operator that’s been providing private aviation services since 2006. We have a really professional team and a fleet of aircrafts ranging from entry level to super midsize jets. This allows us to be flexible in the trip solutions we offer.

As we’re growing a lot, we hope to add two more aircraft to our fleet this year and another next year. We’re also expanding the geography of our flights and investing in the quality of service we provide. 

Do you remember how you first heard about Paynode?

We were already an Avinode customer – we have been since 2013 – so I think it was through a pop-up message that tells you about new features and options. Then I got an invitation for an online webinar where Paynode was described in more detail. 

After attending that, I just knew we had to start using Paynode. Also, as Avinode members, we had no concerns about using another product from a trusted vendor that we’ve had a long successful history with.

What was the biggest factor in your decision?

The main reason was to take advantage of the benefits that come with making instant payments. Being able to sort payments, stress-free and within minutes – whether it’s a bank day or not – is a game-changer. This really makes the booking process simpler and more efficient.

Would you say that instant payments are your preferred payment option where possible?

For sure. It’s a great feature because it makes our life easier. It eliminates risks and gives you more room to concentrate on other flight preparation aspects instead of payment issues.

Can you remember your first Paynode payment?

Yes. There was a situation where we couldn’t receive the wire transfer before the flight was due to happen at the weekend, so it was an ideal time to use Paynode instant payment. It was one of those occasions where both the broker and I were happy to see the Paynode user icon on each other’s profile. The whole process was easy, quick and stress-free.

How else has Paynode made life easier for you as a business?

One of the currency accounts that we use in Paynode is a GBP account, which means we now have greater flexibility when working with our UK-based partners. There are no currency exchange fees to pay and the payment is as fast as a domestic transfer.

What Paynode features do you like best?

The business aviation sector is known for its high-workflow intensity. What I really like about Paynode is the automatic notifications, confirmations and history logs that let you easily control payment processes.

Another Paynode tool that we use a lot is the card hold feature. It’s secure, quick to process, and so well designed that we completely moved to this solution with regards to all credit card operations.

That’s great to hear that you handle all credit card transactions through Paynode 

It’s so easy, and the information the feature provides is excellent. I like that you get email notifications on all key statuses of the payment, such as authorization or credit card hold expiration. 

Also, sometimes the value of a transaction changes. When that happens, you don’t need to start the process from point zero, you just copy the original form and change the details that you need. This feature is very useful when you’re working on an urgent flight.

From your perspective, how could Paynode be improved further?

I’d like to see the credit card hold extended. Occasionally, the current six day period is not enough to pay the broker and receive funds to our account. In this situation, you’re either left without a guarantee for some time, or the broker must put on hold the same amount again.

If it was possible to send a request to the client to confirm the extension of the hold and, after confirmation extend it, this would solve the issue.

The number of brokers and operators using Paynode has doubled since you came on board last summer. What would you say to any partner considering Paynode?

I would say join us. The more brokers and operators using Paynode, the better things will be for the whole industry. Just imagine how great it would be if any confirmed flight between Avinode users could be instantly paid for via Paynode. 

I’d recommend Paynode to anyone. It will make your life easier and when you’re running a business, you can’t put a price on that.

Want to simplify your payments? Join Paynode today. No fee to sign up, no subscription costs, and no monthly minimums. It’s all included in your Avinode membership. Read more here.

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