JetClub – How Paynode offers the human touch that means so much.

21 Apr 2022

Salvatore Bentivegna, Finance Manager and Controller at JetClub Group, lets us know how Paynode has simplified their payments. He shared with us his thoughts on what Paynode can offer that traditional banks can’t, and why personal relationships – like those he enjoys with the Paynode team – are so special to him.

Hi, Salvatore. Please tell us a little about JetClub

Well, JetClub is a European company created by Co-Founders Vishal Hiremath and Glenn Gonzales who started operations last year. The business has seen good growth and reputation in Europe.

Things are going very well at the moment – we’re growing up fast. 

As you grow it’s so important to have the best possible payment system in place

For sure, and we knew that a traditional bank on its own was not really the answer. Sometimes it’s difficult to deal with banks when you’re a totally new company like we were in Europe. 

We currently use Paynode and also a traditional electronic bank. It’s difficult to work with the bank because there are many issues, and each time you have to call the customer service line, they can’t help you. 

With a bank, we don’t have the personal relationship that we need. Paynode gives us that.

It sounds like you were looking for a payment partner more than anything

That’s exactly right, and as the key person in the company using Paynode day-to-day, that was essential for me.

With Paynode we found a partner and a friend. I can’t speak highly enough of Paynode staff, Brenton Melville and Evelyn Franco. From the beginning they’ve always been available to help us figure out solutions to our problems. And if they don’t know the answer, they work to find it.

That personal service sounds particularly important to you

Absolutely. Maybe it’s my Sicilian nature but human connection means a lot to me. I prefer to speak to a person on the phone instead of by email where possible. By talking you can understand the tone of their voice and the attitude of the person. 

If I do have to send an email to the Paynode team, I know I won’t need to send a reminder because I’ll receive a reply quickly. Even if there’s no solution, the response will be, “Salvatore, I’m working on it for you.”

Is there anything that Paynode can’t do that you’d like it to?

One thing that I know is being worked on is the inclusion of bank statements. I currently have to request those, but they’re always provided quickly. Our auditor recently asked for something different from normal bank statements and the Paynode guys sorted it out, no problem. 

Also, being able to obtain a Paynode issued credit card would be great.

Tell me how Paynode makes your life easier

It simply saves me time every day. For example, if I need to send a bank transfer or a wire transfer in another currency – such as Swedish Krona – I can do that in seconds. Even with currencies that we don’t use very often, I have the exchange rate there, right in front of me, immediately. 

If I were to use our Swedish bank account to make that payment, I’d have to send an email and wait maybe two hours for a reply, then another couple of hours to complete the transaction. That’s useless if we need to land in a Swedish airport in five minutes’ time. 

In our industry we don’t have time to wait, and with Paynode we don’t have to. 

So, you’re happy with Paynode?

Of course, 100%. It’s a very intuitive system and you don’t need a degree in finance to make a payment or find information easily.

There are other companies who offer a similar product, but I have a strong bond with Paynode and the people behind it. Evelyn and Brenton have helped in so many ways and we have a mutual trust that I value. 

Finally, can you see any reasons why people would not use Paynode?

The big issue is that many people still think traditional banks are the only solution. The truth is that those banks are now very slow and old fashioned. 

Convincing clients to use Paynode is not always easy, but I work hard to show them how Paynode is the perfect option. I don’t need to send the POP to prove I’ve made a payment because they receive the funds instantly. It couldn’t be simpler.

Interested in simplifying your payments? Welcome to Paynode, your new comfort zone.

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