How Avinode can help during supply & demand challenges

02 Nov 2021

The surge in supply and demand challenges across various industries has been a global issue since the pandemic began and the business aviation industry has been one of the many affected. Avinode Group has seen a 125% increase in charter demands on the platform compared to before the pandemic.

As the industry continues to endure pandemic-related obstacles, Avinode Group is facing these challenges head on through numerous approaches ranging from creating new features to scaling our team.

We recently sat down with our Director of Customer Success, Saskia de Jong, to discuss the recent industry hurdles and how you can best utilize our platform. 

Any advice for operators on how they can make the best use of Avinode?

We know it can be challenging to meet the current demand, but if you’re an operator and have hours to fill, our team will work with you to make it known. Our Take Off Ready feature lets you market any last minute availability. You can also block the schedule when an aircraft is not available. This makes it easier for buyers to see which aircraft are truly available. Our onboarding team recently wrote this article with more advice to help operators setup for success.

What will increase brokers’ chances of securing an aircraft?

One of our recommendations is sorting search results on estimated price, to get better transparency on pricing. Using Avinode TripManager is also a great way to set up a better quoting workflow, and save valuable time. We know all our members are under a lot of pressure, so respecting each other’s time and considering the amount of requests you send for one trip will be important. 

To hear more from Saskia about the current industry climate, you can catch her at CJI Miami 2021, on November 2-3, where she moderates the session “Managing charter and jet cards during a boom”.

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