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Oliver King: “Committed to meeting the needs of our customers”

17 Mar 2020

At Avinode Group, the well-being of our Noders, Members, and the communities in which we work are vital priorities. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have followed developments closely. We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers as events unfold.

Last week, we dusted off and executed our Business Continuity Plan, and so we are confident in our ability to provide uninterrupted services over this period. Our Noders are now working from home in the US and Sweden, and we are following health recommendations for keeping our communities and ourselves safe.

Our production infrastructure sits on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, and with multiple redundancies, we are in a strong position to continue to support our critical systems over this period. That infrastructure has been tested repeatedly over the last ten days as we have dealt with record volumes of activity in the system.

This spike in flyer demand is in steep contrast to the sharp decline in passenger numbers flying commercial. The divergence is likely to continue as the commercial aviation network is grounded in response to the effective death of demand for travel and governmental restrictions on flying. During this period, business jet travel will be the only option for those that must travel for whatever purpose.

It isn’t straightforward to say how long this will continue. The demand data in the Avinode Marketplace suggests the peak of individuals repositioning ahead of this crisis will slow over the next three weeks. After that point, efforts to address the crisis will drive demand along with the movement of critical cargoes. How long restrictions on travel remain and more importantly how long it takes for demand to recover as we transition from immediate crisis to global recession, is anyone’s guess right now.

During this period, we will support our members and the industry in whatever way we can as a company. Our relationships across the industry matter to us, and at this time, we are in this together.

It’s not going to be all plain sailing, and if you encounter any issues or have questions or want to chat during a difficult time, please reach out to our customer success teams in Miami and Göteborg.

Stay safe, Oliver, CEO Avinode Group.

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