What turns good tech into great tech?

31 Oct 2019

If you work in private aviation, lots of good products can help you build and run your business. But what makes tech not just good but great? It’s a question we ask all the time at Avinode Group, whether we’re further improving our industry-leading online air charter marketplace or developing a breakthrough Schedaero crew app.

Truly outstanding technology is…

  • Scalable: being forced to constantly change the tech you use as your business grows is incredibly annoying. And expensive. And inefficient. The best tech continually meets your needs even as your business evolves from an optimistic start-up to an established industry giant. The Schedaero flight operations software, for example, helps operators, flight departments and private owners manage and run aircraft from a single jet to a huge fleet.
  • Bespoke:no two companies are the same. No problem. Flexible software can be adapted to support many different types and sizes of business. Just use the parts of the package you need right now. As your business expands and changes, you can start adding and using the specific extra elements you need later.

    Have you thought of using a ‘sandbox’ for bespoke software development? A sandbox is basically an isolated testing environment in which you can safely develop software, minimizing the risk of damage to your existing mission-critical systems.

We offer a sandbox environment through our application programming interfaces (APIs). You can build unique products that suit the particular needs of your business and your clients, such as owner and passenger apps.

  • Well-connected:interconnectivity and the seamless integration of technologies is critical for any business in private aviation. Your flight operations software, for example, should ‘talk’ easily to your customer relationship management and business analysis systems. And don’t forget your external partners. Schedaero integrates with leading suppliers to the bizav industry, including Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software, DocuSign (a leading player in the field of electronic signatures) and all Avinode Group’s platforms for operators and brokers, including Paynode.

  • Mobile:good products help you sit in your office and provide a good service to your clients. But great products help you deliver a great service to your clients from anywhere, 24/7.

    And mobile tech is not just essential in customer service. The latest Schedaero app allows pilots and crew members to manage and complete vital operational tasks on their mobile devices when traveling. From viewing new missions to checking passenger information, and from completing flight and duty logging to finding directions for fixed-base operations (FBOs), the new Schedaero crew app is a pocket-sized mission control.

  • Intuitive:great tech comes with great customer support, but great tech is so intuitive you hardly ever need that support anyway.

    Leading online stores set intuitive standards all technology should match. Next steps are clearly highlighted. Your route through the website is an easy journey to navigate. The menus use plain language, not obscure jargon and acronyms only familiar to the e-tailer. The products you use, and the products you develop in your sandboxes, should be as intuitive as possible.
  • Branded: as a broker or operator, you naturally want to impress your clients. You want innovative, customer-facing tech, branded to your business. But maybe you just don’t have the budget for cutting-edge software development. With smart use of APIs and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms, you can benefit from state-of-the-art IT without spending big money. Avinode’s ‘Full Search’ and ‘Empty Leg Search’ apps, for example, can easily be customized, so your clients use our technology and comprehensive data but only see your branding. You look impressive and you’re providing an outstanding service.

In the end, only users can say if tech is truly ‘great’. Developers need that client feedback. We’re always looking to improve, so what do you want us to do next?

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