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A glimpse into the LATAM air charter market

19 Jul 2019

On any given day, up to 50% of Heidrich’s communications will be in Spanish. As Schedaero’s Regional Sales Manager for the LATAM markets (plus California and Florida), Venezuelan-born Heidrich is the one we count on to fly south to help get new customers fully acquainted with Schedaero and the ways it can streamline their daily workflow. Here we probe for his insights into the complex and ever-evolving charter market down south.

What’s the landscape of private charter like in Latin America? Any trends you see? 

Mexico is one of the most active countries when it comes to business aviation, they have a lot of private aircraft. Brazil is similarly active. We also have Schedaero customers in Colombia, Argentina, Peru, and Ecuador. There the markets are smaller, but seem to be doing well when it comes to private aviation. 

I definitely expect Latin America to get on track with more modern markets like the US, even Europe. Especially because this day in age, it’s all about technology. For Latin America to continue to grow their markets and economies, the private aviation industry is going to be key. 

What kind of aircraft is generally favored? 

There are a lot of smaller jets or turbo prop aircraft that are low cost to operate and they’re efficient aircraft so there’s a lot of them down there. There’s also a lot of helicopter usage. They don’t want to spend money on the bigger aircraft so there’s a lot of usage of helicopters in the oil industry and big cities like Sao Paulo and Mexico City. 

What do Latin American operators tend to use to coordinate their flight operations? 

The operators use a lot of free tools like Google calendar and Excel sheets. A lot of people also communicate via WhatsApp. All these companies have group chats, where they chat with the pilots and the customers to organize flights. Then they will print out Word documents and Excel sheets to track additional information. You also hear of people faxing information. Instead of streamlining everything in a system where they have everything in one place. So my job is to help implement that mentality for them. 

When you introduce Schedaero, how does it transform their businesses? 

When I go to visit a new customer, I first learn how they work internally and how they have been organizing their operations so I can transition them as smoothly as possible based on their needs. Often our Latin American customers have never used a comprehensive system like this before, so I go step by step and show them how to use the system the right way, the way that will benefit them in the long term. That’s the whole point of them investing in something like Schedaero. It’s for them to track their information and use an efficient system for the long term. 

Finally, can we get a special shout-out for operators across the region — in Spanish por su puesto! What is Schedaero in a nutshell? 

Schedaero es la plataforma más avanzada de programación de vuelos que vas a encontrar en la industria y te va a ayudar a organizar tu flota, tus aeronaves, tus pilotos, tus pasajeros, y tus ventas. Si utilizas Schedaero vas mejorar tu operación, tus empleados van a tener una plataforma eficiente y vas a tener un aliado en mi que te va poder apoyar en este mercado Latino Americano que siempre va a cambiando.

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