Growth on our minds: marketing virtuoso Robin Heed joins Avinode Group

20 Aug 2018

We sat down with Robin Heed for an interview to learn more about who he is, what inspires him and the grand plans he has in mind.

When we think of marketing here at Avinode Group, we first think internally: are our members achieving all their goals with our technology? How can we support them in reaching higher? 

And we also think outwards. How can we make sure that our products are found, and understood? We want to make sure we’re able to reach those in business aviation who are not yet using our technology who could truly benefit. We also want to communicate to aspiring business owners, who can leverage our applications to get a running start in the industry. 

To help us rocket forward on both the internal and external marketing fronts, we have brought aboard a full-time expert who knows both customer success marketing and growth hacking: Robin Heed, our new Senior Growth Marketing Manager. We sat him down for an interview to learn more about who he is, what inspires him and the grand plans he has in mind. 

Welcome to the Avinode Group family, Robin!

Thank you so much!

What lured you to this position of Senior Growth Marketing Manager?

I started working as a “growth hacker” four years ago at a CRM company called Lime in Lund. That was a whole new position so I had to build it up by myself, and the subject of growth hacking was pretty new back then. I worked with Growth Marketing for two years, and then I went over to the Customer Success Team. 

And the reasons I wanted to come here… I wanted to move back to Gothenburg (or Hisingen). I lived here 10 years ago, and I always missed this place. Then I started talking with Alexandra [Avinode’s Head of Marketing] on LinkedIn. She told me about this position, which was completely brand new with a lot of opportunities for it. I was very inspired because it presented a mix of things I have already been doing, plus a lot that was new. 

And what attracted you to this company?

I was amazed by Avinode Group. They have the same culture as Lime, where it’s important to have fun at work. It’s so essential to the company, which was one of the biggest reasons that encouraged me to change work. I felt at home when I arrived in Geneva at EBACE. It was easy to get on the inside of the Noders. 

You have a blog all about Customer Success Marketing and Growth Marketing. Can you talk a bit about that?

I began writing because I wanted some kind of archive for myself. At the time I started “growth hacking” was big in the States, but there articles I was reading didn’t highlight the tech aspects of it. I wanted to explain how to do it, and what tools you use. It turned out to be a great resume of everything I’ve been doing. I encourage everyone to start their own, it’s a good resume to have! 

Check out Robin’s blog »

What do you have your sights set on achieving in this position?

Well the first major project is the roll-out of Avinode Group, which is the new umbrella for all three of our products, Avinode, SchedAero, and PayNode. I want to make it easy for customers to understand the value they bring individually, and even more so when they’re used in conjunction with each other. 

A way I hope to do this is by introducing more personalized communication. I would like to open up channels where we can directly interact with customers, like in live webinars for instance. It’s important for our customers and potential customers to feel like they can reach us. We want to make it easy and natural to be in communication, so our customers can continually learn about how to extract more value from the products they’re using. 

I also want to work closer with sales to better understand our customers needs. If sales and marketing work together you can better understand how to increase incoming leads to your website. In order to work with growth marketing, you need to know your customers.

Of the following Avinode weekly traditions, which is your favorite so far: group breakfast on Tuesdays, cake on Wednesdays, or candy on Fridays?

I don’t like candy — I’m a chips guy. And I don’t like cake. I’m also not a breakfast person. But I love my colleagues! And I’ll come for the coffee too. 


Warmest welcome aboard, Robin!

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