Avinode Academy 2017: Powering Your Success

06 Apr 2017

Last week our US team of 26 Noders hosted 150+ attendees from 80 broker and operator companies worldwide in the beautiful Miami beach for our sixth (and largest) Avinode Academy.

Last week our US team of 26 Noders hosted 150+ attendees from 80 companies worldwide in Miami beach for our sixth (and largest) Avinode Academy. Representation spanned from the Czech Republic to Argentina, and everywhere in between. The largest attendance was based in North America, with 28% average market share of US and Canada represented.

Training workshops and cocktails initiated the networking, and we were delighted to have a full house for the main day sessions. Per Marthinsson (Avinode), Johan Sjoberg (SchedAero) and Magnus Henriksson (PayNode) kicked off the day explaining how Avinode, SchedAero and PayNode are working together to connect the future to a hopeful audience. With a few months of 2017 under our belt, 89% attendees feel 2017 will be just as good, if not better than 2016.

In addition to the Avinode team, we had a variety of keynote speakers discuss topics and tactics for powering your success. Alejandra Vicenttin, former Director of Quality at Ritz Carlton discussed customer engagement beyond satisfaction and how to design world-class service based on customer’s needs. Algernon Trotter, Head of International Sales for Air Hamburg, analyzed the figures behind its success. For example, Air Hamburg processes 618 Avinode requests daily. When asked how he quotes that kind of volume, Algy responded simply and honestly: “Avinode”. He also shared that his team uses Avinode Search to view Air Hamburg’s fleet and provide pricing for inquires over the phone.

Joining us from both sides of the Atlantic, two well-known operators demonstrated how they power their success through profitability. Centreline’s Commercial Director Phil Brockwell explained cost as a function of creativity, risk and profitability and how to manage stakeholders in the charter pipeline. Jet Linx’s VP of Operations Jason Vanis takes technology seriously to empower his employees to make game-time decisions.

Dean Robbins, Director of US Membership Rewards Airline Parternships, American Express shared exclusive insights into what motivates the premium traveler and how you can better attract and retain their loyalty. We finished the day’s sessions with a rousing panel discussion moderated by Priester Aviation’s Andy Priester, with representation from Solairus AviationAir PartnerVistaJetand JetSmarter. While a wide array of topics were covered, technology and its influence was the main thread that was weaved throughout the discussion. Indeed, it is clear the omnipresence of technology will carry us into the next decade.

Our team is also bright-eyed about what the future will bring, particularly because Avinode takes member feedback and input to shape developments. In addition, we see how members are empowering each other to move the industry forward. In celebration of a successful day and prosperous future, we rounded off the day with an unconventional networking party where attendees bowled, danced and mingled on the ice. 

Thank you to all, and cheers to another successful year! More on Avinode Academy: www.avinode.com/avinode-academy.


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