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Avinode Powers Online Revolution in Private Jet Bookings with 2.3 million End-Client Searches

31 Oct 2016

As seen on BAVIATION: NBAA Convention, Orlando, FL: Avinode, the world’s leading online marketplace for buying and selling air charter (booth number 2219), has hit a new record in powering 2.3 million end-client searches for members using Avinode Web Apps and APIs.

The company introduced the possibility for its members to use Avinode technology to fuel their own private consumer-facing websites and apps in 2010, however the real surge in booking private jets online has been over the past 18 months. This new record in end-client searches from Avinode shows the shift to booking charter flights online is growing rapidly, with prominent companies such as the UK’s Victor and US’s JetSmarter leading the way in embracing the tech to meet this consumer demand.

Mike Ryan, Co-Founder and Head of Supply, Victor, comments: “Victor has championed a digital approach to the traditional charter market for many years now. We’re firm believers that hi-tech disruption married with hi-touch customer service can provide a greater level of transparency and trust for fliers and industry partners alike. More than that, this combination improves the cost-effectiveness, ease and efficiency of booking charter on-demand. We continue to grow quickly so we know we’re on to something here. Charter’s online shift is giving private fliers control back and has the potential to strengthen relationships within the sector and drive it forwards significantly.”

Avinode is also celebrating a second industry record: in July half a million trip requests were sent through the system in one month alone. By the end of the year, Avinode predicts total trip requests will be in in excess of 3.5 million, demonstrating the company’s leading market position within the global charter industry.

Avinode’s presence in the US is growing as the industry matures, with Avinode Marketplace members increasing by 20% over the past two years. This is in direct correlation to the rising demand for private charter in the US, which has enjoyed steady growth year on year. This contrasts with Europe where industry growth has been levelling off.

Per Marthinsson, Co-Founder and US Managing Director, Avinode, says: “This has been a great year for Avinode and the whole industry as we can see a huge shift in how the charter world is operating. A few years ago, people were sceptical about the idea of high-net-worth customers wanting to book a private jet through a website or on their phone. But we can see this is where the industry is heading and we are thrilled Avinode can provide our members with the technology to meet this growing consumer appetite. From the outset, Avinode has been focused on providing our members with the best solutions for them to succeed in this industry; the fact we have enabled them to serve 2.3 million of their customers through online bookings is testament to that. Being ahead of the digital game is woven into Avinode’s DNA and we look forward to seeing how the industry will continue evolving with the tools we are providing.”

To learn more about the Avinode, visit the company at NBAA, Orlando, booth number 2219.

Read original story on BAVIATION here.

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