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Visit Avinode at NBAA 2016

20 Oct 2016

Stop by Stop by Booth 2219 to meet our team and see the latest in development with an espresso in hand. Exciting things are coming to Avinode, you don't want to miss it.

Stop by Stop by Booth 2219 to meet our team. We’d love to show you latest in development with an espresso in hand. We invite you to rest your feet at our bar, grab a cup of coffee and charge your batteries (literally). 

Members, meet our Product Specialist team in the exclusive Member Zone to answer your questions and fine-tune your account.

What’s new at Avinode?

Work smarter with Trips

Keep trips in order and compare all requests and quotes in one place.

Brokers: have you tried the Trips – buying? Compare all requests and find the best option for your client. Get organized with Avinode Trips

Operators: for the first time all of your requests for a trip are in the same place, making it easier for you to manage your fleet. 

Whether you’re a broker or an operator, there is something for you. Explore the start of something good

Speed up your Search

Feel how fast and intelligent Avinode Search is on both desktop and the Marketplace App. Remember that desktop Search is in beta. It doesn’t have all functionality yet, but it’s speedy. Search like there’s no tomorrow

Join us at the Avinode Champagne Mingle

Mingle with Avinode members and network with industry professionals, champagne in hand at our annual Avinode Champagne Mingle. 

Add champagne to your show plans

See you there

Stop by Booth 2219 to say hello to the Avinode team. We have exciting things coming we’d love to show you.

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20 Oct 2016

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Chris Kuiper – Removing the barriers to private jet travel

Chris Kuiper is founder and CEO of the Catch-a-Jet app, and he’s on a mission to remove the exclusivity around private jet travel in a way that benefits operators and customers. Chris shares with us the importance of always putting the end user first, and how integrating the Avinode Empty Leg API has helped him create a solution to the empty leg challenge that the industry has long faced.

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20 Oct 2016


Wenche Knutsen - 20 years of building great relationships

Sundt Air was one of the very first business aviation operators to join Avinode in the Nordic countries. 20 years later, they still use Avinode as their main platform to connect with new and old partners in the industry. Wenche Knutsen is Operations Duty Officer at Sundt Air.

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20 Oct 2016


Jesper Kragelund - 20 years of optimizing sales and operations

North Flying was the 1st customer to join Avinode in early 2002. After 20 years of building a global network through Avinode, they're well-equipped for facing any future challenges of the business aviation industry. Jesper Kragelund is Sales Manager with North Flying.

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