Quick response time wins bizav business, says Avinode

16 Nov 2015

Business aviation operators are more likely to win business if they consistently respond to requests quickly, according to Avinode, the world’s leading online marketplace for buying and selling air charter.

The Marketplace App opens up business for operators.

As Avinode launches the next stage of its Marketplace App today, with new features designed specifically for operators, the company reveals that those operators who respond to requests within 30 minutes are significantly more likely to win business than those whose response time is longer.

Avinode’s Marketplace App, which launched in July 2015, enables charter buyers and operators to stay on top of their business, and their customers’ trips, whilst on the move. From today, the Marketplace App will include additional features which allow operators to modify and respond to requests.

Oliver King, managing director, Avinode, says: “Last year, of the total requests for service in Europe, 55.3% received responses from operators within 30 minutes of sending the request; 16.2% received responses within six minutes. We estimate that those who respond consistently, whether it’s to accept or decline a request, in less than 30 minutes, receive on average three times more requests over the following 12 months.

“Operators build trust and reputation with brokers over a period of time; it doesn’t happen overnight. Our Marketplace App has been designed to support operators in building and maintaining that high level of service and make the processes for operators and brokers as fast and efficient as possible.”

Available on iPhones, Avinode’s Marketplace App now allows operators to see the ‘Trips’ overview and status of all incoming requests as well as an overview of all requested trips when buying charter. Operators have the option to accept and respond with pricing, or to decline a request.

Charter buyers can also search Avinode’s full global database of available private jet aircraft, which includes the industry’s largest database of empty legs. The app also allows brokers to organise trip requests and responses all in one place. It keeps track of the status of all requested trips, originating from Aircraft and Helicopter Search, Empty Legs or Trip Board in the Avinode Marketplace. The app compares the options, making it easy to evaluate and compare quotes from operators and allows push notifications to see when a request is accepted.

Avinode’s Marketplace App is free to download and available from the App Store.

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