EmreAir: With Avinode we can streamline our work, and save an incredible amount of time.

13 Mar 2015

We’re talking to Toni Drummond and Omar Diaz: a two-person brokerage located just outside of Teterboro, New Jersey in the United States. They have been happy members of Avinode since January 2013 and have been working in the private aviation industry for 15+ years. Prior to founding EmreAir, both Toni and Omar worked as operators with FirstFlight, where they also used Avinode to market their aircraft availability.

What sold you on Avinode in the first place?

It was definitely the ability to connect with brokers and operators worldwide, both from an operator and broker perspective. The global experience and exposure that Avinode was able to guarantee us back in 2007 is what has kept us using Avinode all these years.

What are some of the ways you use our system?

Apart from being a brokerage, we also do a lot of consulting work and we use Avinode heavily for “soft” quoting and gauging potential trends in the industry. We love that we can quote quickly, without having to bother the operators, if we’re just trying to get a ballpark figure. We are able to streamline our work, and save an incredible amount of time. By using the ‘By Location’ search tool, we can also figure out how many of a specific aircraft type are in a particular area. We can make educated recommendation based on what Avinode shows and what our clients’ business intentions are.

How has working with Avinode affected your business?

We’ve been able to develop new relationships that would not have come to fruition without the Avinode connection. Not only are the language and cultural barriers torn down thanks to the easy-to-use platform, but time zones are virtually eliminated as in today’s technological world, business people are available around the clock to respond to emails.

What’s next for EmreAir?

Since our international business is done mostly with Europe, we hope to see a growth in our business with Latin America and we hope to get a lot of support for that through Avinode. There is a comfort that comes with doing business with members of Avinode. Because Avinode is a paid membership, we can trust that the people using the platform are serious about their business. They won’t leave us high and dry during any part of the transaction.

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