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Verified empty legs: 2 months in and looking good!

26 Jun 2014

We currently have nearly 4000 empty legs listed in the Marketplace. 35% of those have been verified and almost 5% now have a set price.

It’s been almost two months since we introduced the verified empty legs feature in the Avinode Marketplace, along with some other great improvements. The feature is a direct response to member feedback and is our first step towards improving the empty leg posting process.

We currently have nearly 4000 empty legs listed in the Marketplace. 35% of those have been verified and almost 5% now have a set price. In addition, 1 out of 10 empty legs have been deactivated. ‪We’re pleased with the result, as it means our efforts to provide better and more accurate empty leg search results are starting to pay off.

We’ve spoken to a few of our members to find out how they use the new functionality.

Joe Kurta at Call a Jet, Germany:

“At Call a Jet, we love that we can find empty leg prices and empty legs that are actually available in the system. It means our team can communicate with the clients faster. The system also shows me if an operator or a broker has verified the empty leg, including personal details. That way I know who to speak to if any of my clients are interested.

As a broker, it’s fantastic that I can display the special empty leg price when posting. I believe this new improvement will lead to more sold flights in the industry. In my experience, many clients are not willing to pay a full one-way price, and instead choose to fly commercial. That’s why posting empty legs with Avinode is so great.

We also use Avinode Trip Manager, and look forward to it being more and more integrated with the Marketplace so that we can notify operators directly about the status of trips and empty legs.”

Kimberly Herrell at Schubach Aviation, United States:

“Schubach Aviation relies on Avinode as our platform for both the selling of our empty legs and for sourcing one-ways with other operators for our clients. Now that empty legs are verified we can call the companies that we know are motivated to sell first.

It’s a more efficient process that saves our staff valuable time. It also allows us to take a more active role in promoting and selling our own empty legs“

What’s your feedback on our updates? Let us know what you think. We’re committed to continuing to improve the system and making it even easier to use.

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